It’s the new year and we are all filled with motivation to achieve our new year’s resolutions and improve our work habits.
But keeping that motivation throughout the year can be the hardest thing to do. Is there anything we can do to improve our productivity?

To help out we have put together some top tips that have helped us in the office.

  1. Start with the most difficult tasks first
    We all know it is very easy to leave difficult, complex, or boring tasks to the last minute. Procrastination is never helpful, and leaving those tasks to loom over us all day just stresses us out.
    Instead of waiting until the last minute to finish it, get it off your plate as soon as possible. Your other tasks will seem less daunting by comparison, and you’ll stop stressing about that one task all day, making you more productive overall.
  2. Stop muti-tasking
    On paper muti-tasking sounds like a good idea. But unfortunately, when we multi-task, while we might feel like we are being super productive checking multiple things off our to-do list, but the quality of our work often suffers. We can get mixed up on what tasks we are doing and forget important steps.
    In actual fact one task at time means our work is better and completed faster. You can then move on to the next thing on your to do list without worrying you have skipped a step.
  3. Take a break
    Now hear us out on this one. It might sound a bit strange but taking regular breaks does really make you more productive.
    The simple fact is, the longer you go without a break the less productive you are. A break can be as simple as, a walk outside, reading a chapter of a good book or having a quick coffee with a work colleague. Regular breaks baked into your day mean you can refocus and recharge.
    If this is something you have never done before, setting a timer once an hour or so, nudges you to take a break regularly and you will definitely see the benefits.
  4. Improve your To-Do List
    We’ve mentioned lists and reminders a few times now, but have you ever written down a list of everything you need to do, and the list is so long you get over-whelmed and end up not doing anything? Us too!
    When you have a long list our brains often struggle to prioritise what we need to do and just gives up before we’ve had a chance to start.
    If your lists often look like that, we recommend trying the 1-3-5 rule.
    Pick one big task. Three medium tasks and five little tasks. By prioritizing your tasks your can easily see what you need to get completed. And most importantly you get the tasks done!
  5. Refine your workspace to what suits you!
    Nothing is worse than trying to work when your desk is cluttered with no space, sitting on an uncomfortable chair, and your phone alerting you to every single email you get. There is no way you would be able to concentrate.
    Simple things can help you to make your workspace right for you:
  • Invest in a desk and chair that is right for you. A chair that can properly support your back and a desk that’s not too low, means you are comfortable for longer.
  • Support your wrists and neck – typing for long periods of time? Supporting your wrists and making sure your screen is at eye level can help to prevent conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome and serious back and neck problems.
  • Put your desk next to natural light – Natural light boost your productivity, and looking out the window gives your eye a rest from the screen!
  • Use bright colours – nothing is worse than a drab boring place to work. Inspire yourself with bright colours you love.
  • Have a plant on your desk – Daily interaction with plants reduces your stress and makes you more productive!
  • Organise your desk with what you use regularly in easy reach – remove things that are there, just in case (that you never use) and just have what you need. Everything else can be put away.
  • Put your email notifications on silent – the best way to prioritize your time, don’t get distracted by other things that can wait.
Top tips to increase your productivity at work 1

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