Whiteboards have been around for decades now, and have become (literally) part of the furniture in many work settings including the modern corporate boardroom. These products convert one or several walls of the space into an interactive writing surface for a variety of events, from conferences and meetings to brainstorming sessions and more.

Whiteboards provide numerous benefits:

  1. Everyone gets involved: Whiteboards encourage full participation from everyone present, so that there’s more than one person doing all the talking. This really boosts engagement and collaboration, and means you include and represent everyone’s ideas, including those from delegates who may be attending remotely. With points jotted down, those present are much more likely to contribute to brainstorming sessions and keep their thoughts coming.
  2. Get your meeting going quickly: With whiteboards, there’s little-to-no set-up, and your meeting can get underway pretty much immediately. You won’t turn the projector on 10 minutes before your meeting is due to  start only to find you have 17 updates to wade through.
  3. Multi-purpose: You can use whiteboards in a range of activities, from training and brainstorming to presenting. Where you are explaining something specific to people, it becomes a lot more engaging when they can read the points you are making as well as hearing them. Your audience is likely to absorb information and respond to it much better this way.
  4. Also serves as a projector screen: This is yet another use for a whiteboard in a corporate setting if you are showing something such as a PowerPoint presentation.
  5. Cost-effective: The best solutions don’t always have to cost a lot of money, and whiteboards are highly affordable. Equally, they’re obviously very low-maintenance, sustainable, reusable – and don’t need any power to run them. When you’re done, just wipe down for your next meeting. And while flipcharts have their place, with a whiteboard you can just focus on one surface without having to wrestle with multiple pieces of paper.
  6. User-friendly: Anyone can use a whiteboard, you can’t break them and the technology can’t go wrong, because there isn’t any.

At Octopus Office Supplies, we offer a wide range of wipe-dry whiteboards in different sizes for your boardroom, plus all the accessories you’ll need for meetings to be productive and go without a hitch.

We do same-day deliveries across the north-west of England, where we’re one of the region’s most trusted office-supplies companies. But we also ship to the whole of the rest of the UK. Alternatively, collect your order yourself from our trade counter in Stockport.
Browse and shop online, or give the team a call if you can’t find what you need.

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