When it comes to planning and designing an office, storage is a more important element than you may have realised. From bookcases to cabinet systems, desk storage and desktop organisers, these solutions make a workplace feel calmer and better ordered.

Yet office storage is something that can be overlooked surprisingly often, especially in modern, minimalist designs. And, even in an era when we’re storing most documents digitally, it can be easy to forget that people still need somewhere to stash everything from bags, coats and other personal belongings to confidential documents.

When thinking about where to store stuff, you’ll need to consider the appearance and function of your chosen solutions, and having sufficient facilities to stow everything away.

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But the good news is that these days you’re no longer confined to drab cupboards bursting with lever-arch files, or dusty filing cabinets. Modern units are stylish and efficient.

Options include elegant modular solutions, flexible shelving and bookcases or smart-looking staff lockers. (The latter mean that staff don’t have to drape coats or jackets over the backs of their chairs or leave bags under desks since they have a secure alternative.)

What’s more, today’s products are not limited to the gunmetal grey of bog-standard filing cabinets. There’s a far broader line-up of tasteful, subtle colours from which to take your pick. And it’s never been easier to choose a colour that suits your office décor so that your storage blends in seamlessly.

Why office storage really matters:

  1. Decluttering

A cluttered room gives a terrible impression to clients coming into your office for a meeting, or indeed any visitors. Equally, if a workspace is untidy, morale can plunge as staff start to feel stressed and demotivated. It’s much harder to focus in a space like this. And, in the worst-case scenario, although things have to be pretty bad to get to that point, clutter can even present a fire or trip hazard.

At best, no one wants to spend every day in a place of overflowing filing cabinets, or desks piled high with old documents. 

  • A place for everything, everything in its place

Another clear advantage of smart office storage solutions is keeping everything where you’d expect to find it. If you don’t know where anything is, you can waste a huge amount of time hunting for it, which is inevitably frustrating. With the right storage, you can have the things you use most often within easy reach, those you need less frequently a little further away, although you’ll still know where they are.

  • Make the best use of available space

Plan how you will maximise space from the outset, either as part of any workplace redesign project, or if you’re moving people around. This is especially important if you don’t have a vast number of square metres. Clever planning allows you to use the area you do have as efficiently as possible, while optimising every possible inch of room.

Obvious ideas in smaller offices include maximising wall space with shelving and office desks incorporating built-in storage.

Storage Solutions at Octopus Office

At Octopus Office, we offer a great range of solutions to up your storage game, including cabinets, cupboards and pigeon holes in myriad different finishes, plus a full catalogue of all the furniture you’ll need to kit out your office.

Collect your office furniture the same day; alternatively, we deliver across the UK, or offer next-day delivery in the north-west from our own vehicles. Browse our website and place your order – or give us a call if you have any questions about any of our products.

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