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Being tall often has lots of benefits, but when it comes to working in an office the average office chair supports a person with a height of up to 180cm. Where does that leave staff who are taller that don’t have an office chair for tall people?

How Tall Is Tall?

For this article we are defining tall people as over 6ft, as people over this height often struggle the most finding a chair that fits their frame.

If you are a tall person sitting in the wrong chair, this causes you to bend your knees or stretch your legs while seated and a good portion of your thighs may be exposed beyond the seat’s edge.  It puts your whole body in an awkward position.

We often spend upwards of 7 hours 5 days a week sat in the office and we need to make sure that the chair we sit on is not only comfortable, but it also supports our frame.  This will help prevent health issues like circulation problems and back pain. An office chair for tall people is essential if you are too tall for a standard operator chair.

Check Your Office Chair

A quick way to know if your chair is the wrong size for you is to adjust the chair to its full height and sit down and ask yourself are your hips above your knees? If not, then the chair doesn’t come up high enough for you.

What to consider before buying an office chair?

When looking for a chair that does fit your height, there are a few elements you should consider before buying.

Seat Height – When picking a chair, you want your knees to bend at 90 degrees angle with both your feet planted on the floor. You can know the size you need by measuring from the base of your foot to where your knee bends. Then when you are looking online make sure the height range has that size.

Seat depth – You don’t want the top half of your legs hanging off the end of the chair, as this can cause circulation problems. Look for a seat depth 48cm and over. Ideally you want about 5cm between the end of the chair to where the backs of your knees are.

Backrest height – The natural curve of your spine to be supported to give both your lower and upper back the support it needs. This means you can sit comfortably without having to worry about your back.  And if you require a head rest, make sure that is adjustable too so it can sit in the right place behind your head.

Adjustability – As we are all different an adjustable chair allows you to make the chair fit to your body in the best possible way. This is also good if you are buying multiple chairs at once, then each person can adjust the chair to how they need it.

At Octopus we have wide variety of chairs for lots of different needs and sizes.  

The Perfect Office Chair For Tall People

For taller people we recommend Napier high mesh back operator chair.  This sleek design coupled with adjustable height and back support makes it a great chair for a taller person, delivering a responsive design with consistent comfort and support.

The Office Chair for Tall People. 2

Key Features of the Napier office chair

The Napier office chair provides the comfort and support every office worker needs thanks to the open-mesh back and steel frame construction.
The mesh backing provides a breathable and stylish operator chair to keep you cool while you work.
The padded pivot arms give plenty of freedom of movement for everyday tasks while also giving your arm good support.  They will also fold away if they are not required or interfere with your desk.
There is gas lift adjustment with generous weight capacity and changeable lumbar support to help you tailor the chair to your own preferences.
It also has 3 different levers to adjust the back, the seat depth and the seat height and load tension control knob which adds to the overall comfort.

If you would like to buy a new office chair view our stock online today, alternatively, contact us to find out what other options may suit you.

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