What is an operator chair?

Most of us work sitting down, so you’re likely to spend a good number of hours every day in an office chair. Unsuitable seating can lead to awkward postures, which can in turn result in back pain and upper-limb disorders, not to mention other types of discomfort. Staff absence through injury, potential civil claims and lost production can all be extremely expensive for businesses.

What’s more, employers have a general duty to ensure seating is safe and doesn’t present a health risk to staff, or indeed anyone else who may be at their premises. So chairs must be suitably safe, and need to meet the individual’s needs for the job they’re doing; indeed, this is in fact a legal requirement.

Operator chairs

Most organisations will make use of this type of seating for teams. They’re cost-effective and highly functional while still providing ergonomic features, for example their upright shape supports an ergonomic seated position for anyone who is sitting down at a computer all day.

These products also naturally support good posture by being shaped in line with the curves of the spine, and so they stimulate good posture while also providing a strong level of lumbar support. Meanwhile, an adjustable tilting backrest means every user can alter the position of the back to suit them individually, so that it’s as comfortable as possible for them.

Another way to customise the chair is by using the gas-lift mechanism in the frame to vary its height – which comes in especially handy if a number of workers will be using it.

Here are some of the other benefits you can look forward to from operator chairs:

  • Generally upholstered in breathable fabric – again, this is ideal if each chair is used by multiple staff members
  • Slim, compact shape which can be an advantage if space is tight in your office
  • A 360-degree swivel, making these units easy to manouevre
  • Typically come on casters, allowing whoever is in them to swivel around

Operator chairs from Octopus

We offer these swivel models in a range of colours including blue, black, burgundy, grey, green and purple. With a premium back height, asynchronous tilt, an adjustable lumbar and adjustable seat height, our operator chairs have a weight limit of up to 150kg and can even be used up to 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Remember, we can deliver no matter where you are based in the UK, thanks to our fast, free delivery service. What’s more, if you’re anywhere in the Manchester or Cheshire areas, we deliver these products using our own transport and fully assembled – giving you one less thing to worry about. Elsewhere in the UK, we’ll make sure you have the instructions and tools you need to put your operator chairs together yourself easily.

Finally, you can even collect your chairs from our trade counter in Stockport, Cheshire, if that’s the easiest and most convenient option.
Get in touch today for a chat about what exactly you need.

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