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Paint Markers

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Paint markers are used for a variety of uses including the automotive industry or manufacturing businesses.  The line of a paint marker leaves a permanent glossy opaque finish that will last for years.  It is waterproof and fade proof, so can be used in outdoor applications.  They are often used in wet conditions or where a normal marker would be washed away or faded in sunlight.

PX-20 Paint Marker

The most popular paint marker that Octopus supply is the white Uni Paint PX-20 marker.  It is available in a choice of bright colours that include the most popular white, however we also supply yellow, blue, red, silver, gold and black.  The PX-20 has a medium nib similar to a traditional marker pen with a 2.2 – 2.8mm line width.

PX-21 Paint Marker

The PX-21 is the fine version of the paint marker.  This would be used when writing has to be smaller or it is required to be less conspicuous.  The PX-21 has a line width of 0.8 – 1.2mm in width and is available in the full range of colours.  Px-21 paint markers can write on on metal, plastic, glass and many other porous and non porous surfaces.

PX-30 Paint Marker

The broadest paint marker in our range is the Uni PX-30.  It has a line width of 4 – 8.5mm and has a chisel tip for making different line thicknesses.  The PX-30 is also available in the full range of colours and uses the same paint that can write on glass, steel, plastic and stone.

Free Delivery

Order more than one box of paint markers and get free delivery all over the UK.  All orders are dispatched the same day for next day delivery nationwide.  Companies based in the Greater Manchester or Cheshire area are able to enjoy same day delivery on stock lines, please call our sales office for more information.

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