Three Hole Punch

At Octopus, we supply hole punches for all types of applications and businesses.  Whether you need a single hole punch for a solicitors practice of a 4 hole punch for a marketing business.


Rexel Three Hole Punch

The Rexel 420 / V430 three hole punch is most often used for punching US quarto paper or otherwise known as American quarto.  The paper is 279 x 216mm and has 3 holes punched in it.  It will then fit into an American quarto ring binder.  The Rexel three hole punch actually comes with 4 punch dies, however it is adjustable.  This allows the 4th die to be moved aside or removed completely and only 3 of the dies to be used.

Capacity Of Three Hole Punch

The Rexel 420 / V430 three hole punch has a maximum capacity of 30 sheets of 80gsm paper.  Punching Rexel-V430-Adjustable-Punchis made easier with it’s long heavy duty aluminium lever.  If 90gsm or 100gsm paper is used, the number of sheets that can be punched will be reduced.

Integral Paper Guide

The Rexel 420 / V430 three hole punch has a paper guide incorporated into it to allow uniform punching of papers.  The guide has various paper sizes etched into the steel adjustable guide that makes it easier to make all of the punched sheets the same each time it is used.

Is it Just A 3 Hole Punch?

No, these punches come with 4 punching dies, so can be used for regular A4 paper too.  Therefore they are a very versatile punch and can be used around the office for everyday punching of either 2 or 4 holes.

Hole Punch Delivery

Octopus supply office supplies all over the UK, from London to the Highlands of Scotland.  We deliver next day all over the UK, however we can deliver across Greater Manchester and Cheshire the same day if required.  For more information, call our Stockport office on 0161 429 8118.  Remember for office supplies Manchester, call Octopus.

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