Pink legal tape for use in law practices for bundles.

Pink Legal Tape


Pink Legal Tape

Legal tape for binding documents is available in several lengths and widths and the one you should choose largely depends on how much you use it.  Pink legal tape is sometimes also known as pink India tape or pink legal ribbon.

Small Rolls Of Pink Tape

The smallest size of pink legal tape is 6mm wide and 50m long.  This is an ideal length for a small law practice or a Ribbonbarrister that uses small amounts of tape from time to time.  The 50m roll is also available in a 9mm wide tape

Medium Rolls Of Pink Tape

Our most common size of legal tape is 6mm wide and 150m long.  This is generally used by law firms that use the tape fairly regularly as it is an economical size.  If a 10mm width is required, we also stock this size in a 100m roll and again it is our most popular length.

Bulk Rolls Of Pink Tape

Our largest rolls of pink legal tape is 6mm in width by 500m long.  This is ideal for law firms or barristers that use legal tape on a very regular basis.  This comes on a large bobbin and can also be purchased in a 9mm wide tape too.

Pink Tape Same Day

We are able to deliver the same day to law firms and legal practices in the Greater Manchester area.  Just call our sales office for help and advice on how to get a delivery the same day.

Why Do Barristers Use Pink Legal Tape

Barristers have been using tape to seal briefs since the 17th century, however it is liklely that the tape was actually red, but had faded with time by the light.  Nowadays it is more of a tradition, but you can read more about is here in this article.

Legal Supplies

As well as items such as pink legal tape, we also suppliy a full range of law supplies.  Whether it is binders, folders, clips or wallets, we can help solicitors and accountants with their stationery.

Legal Corners

Octopus make a range of legal corners in a selection of colours including blue, red, green, black, grey and purple.  We can also produce legal corners with your logo or company name.

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