Using A Projection Screen For Your Presentation?


Projection Screen

We supply a range of projection screens in various sizes and formats.  We can deliver all over the UK next day and even the same day in Manchester and Cheshire.

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Tradition Tripod Screen

The traditional tripod style projection screen was amongst the first to be introduced and is still popular today.  It can be erected in seconds and is light enough to be carried from room to room when required.tripod-screen

They are a bit more advanced now from when they were first designed however.  The screen is able to tilt to the angle of the audience and the screen has a black edge to give the image a sharp finish.

The tripod screen is available in 3 sizes, 1500x1000mm, 1750x1150mm and 2000x1310mm, so there should be a screen for any situation.

Floor Standing Projection Screen

The floor standing projector screen is great for when presentations have to be done in different locations.  These are great for use in hotels and schools where they might have to be carried fairly long distances.  They fold away into a neat case with a comfortable handle, which will help reduce damage of walls and doors during transportation.

The floor standing screen comes in one size, which is 1620x1220mm in a 4:3 format, a popular size for presentations.

Wall Mounted Screen

The wall mounted projection screen is ideal for training rooms or school lecture theatres.  They can be fixed to a wall or ceiling using the fixing kits that are provided.Wall-Mounted-Screen

With them being stationary the sizes can be bigger because the need for transportation isn’t an issue.  The wall / ceiling mounted screens are available in 4 sizes from the smallest 1500x1040mm, 1750x1090mm, 2000x1350mm and the largest 2400x1600mm.  All of the wall mounted screens are a 16:10 format, but also suitable for 4:3 format also.

Projection Screen Needed Fast?

If you require a projector screen quickly, we are able to dispatch the same day.  This is particularly beneficial to businesses in Manchester or Cheshire, where we are able to deliver the same day.

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