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Smart laptop bags to keep your computer safe.

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Do you use a laptop and work from home and office? Do you need to carry your laptop to work and then home again?  If so, you need a laptop bag.

Octopus supply a wide range of laptops cases from the compact lightweight Lightpak range and aluminium attache cases by Alumaxx to the fashionable Alassio and Pride & Soul shoulder bags that look fantastic.

Lightpak Laptop Cases

The Lightpak range of laptop bags come with lots of extra storage pockets for your cables, mouse and other items like mobile phones and notepads and pens.  They have shoulder strap and carrying handle that is contoured to reduce fatigue.  Lightpak also produce the Advantage Backpack that has a detachable laptop compartment, so it can be used for other purposes when the laptop isn’t required.  Lightpak products are generally made from nylon and offer a good resistance to showers.

Alassio Cases

Alassio make a broad range of cases with a tradition feel to them and are made fom real leather or imitation leather.  The Monaco and the Vento are both made from quality leather and the Monaco is available in a classic brown leather with a shoulder strap, silver lock and has various compartments for items such as mobile phone, A4 notebook and extra compartments for computer accessories and pens.

Alumaxx Laptop Cases

Alumaxx make a range of laptop bags manufactured from silver aluminium.  The strong lightweight case has lots of internal pockets for such things as A4 Notebooks, pens and a detachable pocket for multiple uses.  It has 2 combination locks to keep up to 15.4″ laptops safe.

Pride & Soul Laptop Bags

Pride & Soul make a small range of very fashionable laptop bags that are made from quality leather in dark brown, tan and black.  Pride & Soul have unique names for their laptop bags such as Neo, Duke, Greyson, Candy, Ben and Fatty.  All of the Pride & soul laptop bags have a shoulder strap and some also have a handle and the latter 3 laptop bags are made with distressed leather.

Order your laptop case with your other office supplies for next day delivery all over the UK.  Same day deliveries are available throughout Manchester and Cheshire.

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