It is the season for coughs, colds and general office illness especially with the Manchester weather. Here is Ozzys guide to beating the cold and flu season! Who says you can’t avoid winter colds and flu? Get prepared now and be the smug one without the red nose by following our guide to keeping well at work:

You know the drill; five a day, loads of water, ease off the booze, healthy snacks – all these things will boost your immune system, making you less likely to get ill.

It’s so hard in the winter we know, but a brisk walk at lunchtime or a gentle jog in the park helps you feel more energised and helps keep your immune system as good as it can possibly be.

Lack of sleep can make us run down and less likely to stave off a cold so keep your boxset binges under control and set yourself a sensible bed time.

Get a bit obsessive about washing your hands; clean hands means you are less likely to transfer other people’s germs from the bus stop, photocopier or door handle – yuck.

Don’t touch your face, not ever! It’s the main way in which germs find a way in. Use antibac hand gel to add a layer of protection.

And finally, if you do get ill, consider a day off sick. You’ll recover quicker and spare your colleagues from catching the dreaded lurgy.

There we are, Ozzys top tips and you’ve never seen an Octopus with a cold so they must be good. How you stay healthy in the office?

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