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Octopus supply several different survey books from manufacturers such as Chartwell and Vestry.  There are many different rulings available and there wire bound or casebound options.  Survey books for civil engineering are generally used on-site and quite often in wet or dirty conditions, so it is important that the pages do not become soggy and torn.

Chartwell Survey Books

The most popular type that we supply are Chartwell and they are available in certain rulings for their particular application.  All of the Chartwell books have wet strength paper with high cotton content to give the survey book’s pages tear resistant when wet.  The books have 160 pages printed with waterproof ink and casebound covers that are wipe clean to keep them in a presentable condition.

There are several survey books in the range including Dimensions books that come in 2 sizes, 106x165mm (ref 2242) and 106x205mm (ref 2142).  Level book collimation, which is side opening and is a larger size of 192x120mm (ref 2426).  The field book comes in 2 types, a top opening field book in a size of 106x165mm (ref 2206) and top opening field book in 130x205mm (ref 2026).

Survey Books With Waterproof Pages 1

Chartwell also make the Watershed All Weather Waterproof Notebook.  This notebook is designed to be used in very wet or humid conditions as the pages are completely waterproof and can even be written on under water.  These books have synthetic tear resistant pages and a red plastic cover all held together with a spiral wire bound.  The Watershed book is not only waterproof, but can also withstand some chemicals too, making it useful in some refineries or chemical plants.


The Chartwell Mining Transit Survey Book 2647 is also known as the 2647Z.  It has squared lines on one side of the weather resistant pages and lines on the reverse.  This book is 192x120mm and has a wipe clean yellow cover the same as all of there other survey books in the range.

Vestry Survey Books

The Vestry survey book for civil engineering is made from paper that is 50% wet strength rag bond, which means it has high tear resistant pages.  The dimension book (ref VS2142) is numbered 1-80, so pages cannot be torn out without leaving gaps in the numbers.  It is therefore ideal where evidence many be required.

Survey books can be found in the Octopus office supplies catalogue.

Survey Books In Manchester

Octopus supply survey books to businesses all over the UK on a next day basis, however if you are based in the Manchester or Cheshire area and require a survey book the same day, please contact us for further information.

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