Buy foolscap legal paper from Octopus for use in the UK.

Foolscap Paper

We supply foolscap paper in a selection of weights from 60gsm up to 100gsm.  All weights are for use in an inkjet or laser printer.  Please call our sales office on 0161 429 8118 for help or advice.

Foolscap Legal Paper


Foolscap Paper Size

The foolscap legal paper that we supply is 330 x 203mm, this is 13 x 8″ in imperial measurements.  This size of paper was fairly common up until the 1980’s, but then became less popular coinciding with the popularity of A4 paper.  A4 paper became the standard businesses paper and machines began having their paper cassettes set up to accept A4 as standard.

Foolscap Paper Weight

Foolscap legal paper is available in many weights from 60gsm up to 120gsm, however the most common weight by far is the 80gsm.  This is suitable for use in almost any photocopier or printer that has a paper cassette that is adjustable to accept paper that is 330mm (13″) in length.

Foolscap Coloured Paper

Our foolscap paper is generally sold in white, however we are able to supply it in a wide range of colours.  The colours available are, pink, green, yellow, blue or ivory and the weight is 80gsm.  For more information or to order coloured paper, please contact our sales office on 0161 429 8118.

Recycled Foolscap Paper

Paper made from 100% post consumer waste is used to make recycled foolscap paper.  The paper is off white, in fact it is almost buff in colour when compared to standard white paper.

Foolscap Paper in the UK

We ship foolscap paper all over the UK from our store near Manchester.  We send all paper orders out on a tracked courier service and you can choose standard or express delivery.

What Is Foolscap Printer Paper Used for These Days?

A lot of the foolscap legal paper that we supply goes to the film industry.  They use it if they are making programs or movies set in the time before A4 paper was generally used.  Foolscap might look a very similar size to A4, however if they are spending millions of pounds on a movie or series, they may as well get the foolscap paper size correct.

US Size Papers

Octopus make a selection of American size papers.  These include US letter and US legal.  Both of these sizes are made in several weights including 80gsm and 100gsm paper.

Indian Size Paper

Our Indian size legal paper is made from 80gsm green bond.  It is the standard size of 356x216mm (14×8.5″), which is the standard size for the Indian legal system.

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