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A Calculator is still a familiar sight in many offices even though your PC and mobile phone have one incorporated into it. This is because convenience is pocket-calculatorimportant as they are used so regularly and the cost of a calculator has dropped dramatically compared to 20 years ago.

There are different calculators for different applications.  An accountant might want one that has tax functions on it, whilst an investor may need a calculator to work out compound interest.  A sales office may require one to do basic functions like work out sale prices or discounts. A physics student might need one with scientific functions to complete coursework.

junior-scientific-calculatorCalculators are available in many sizes from a pocket size with a wallet to keep it protected on the move. Desk size models have large buttons and screen so that calculations can be worked out quickly without hitting the wrong buttons.

Battery Operated Calculators

Most calculators are dual powered, using a battery and solar power so batteries rarely have to be replaced.  There are a few exceptions where they are just battery powered and these types are useful if used in dim lighting or at night.

sharp-scientific-calculatorSharp produce a large range including a basic pocket model, a desk sized version with large buttons and a large display.  Sharp also make a range of scientific calculators including a junior scientific model EL-501X, which has fewer of the scientific functions.  They also produce fully functioning scientific calculators such as the ELW531B model that has 335 functions.

printing-calculatorPrinting Calculator

Sharp also manufacture printing calculators that are still used in accounts departments, one of which the EL-1607 being our most popular model.  Octopus stock and supply ink rollers and ribbons for the range of Sharp and Aurora adding machines.

You can order calculators whilst ordering you office supplies from Octopus.


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