So its that time of year again! Someone in the office is going to announce that Secret Santa would be a great idea!

Now whether you’re a fan or not, you know that not being involved would hail you as the office grinch for the whole of next year. So you pop your name in the bag and pull one out. Now no matter who you get; either your work husband or the office apprentice you’ve only spoken to once, there are a few rules to abide by. 1. Don’t go over the spend limit! You might think this is going to win you some brownie points, especially if you get the boss, buts its not! You will make half the office think you’re a show off, and the other half will feel cheap…and they’ll blame you. 2. Know your audience If you managed to get your desk buddie then brilliant, you have the inside scoop. Otherwise your going to need to do some digging. Get chatting in the break room or ask someone in the know, but make sure you don’t give away the name. That just makes you a secret santa spoil sport! 3. Don’t phone it in We’ve all seen it, the guy that decided the office mug with some chocolates in it was a thoughtful gift. Now we’re not saying you need to trudge around all the shops for the perfect gift but do spend more than 10 minutes on the hunt. 4. Wrap it up Tin foil, printer paper, clingfilm, stamps and a plastic bags don’t count. We all hate wrapping but if you don’t want everyone in the office to think you’re a lazy, un-dexterous buffoon then it done. If your really in need then most shopping malls like the Trafford Centre and Arndale in Manchester have wrappers you can pay! 5. It must be office appropriate……it MUST be office appropriate So you and the work wife have an inside joke that would make sailors blush, don’t share it! You might not know all your work colleagues as well as you think you do. Buying a rude, offensive or just down right disgusting pressie is the way to find out whose sense of humour doesn’t quite match your own. Play it safe and keep to the family friendly fun! So good luck folks, we’d love to see what you get in your own Secret Santa. With all the Christmas excitement don’t all your office essentials for the new year, we have you covered for beverages, stationery, furniture and promotional gifts!

secret santa

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