Now that the very american ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber Monday’ deals are done with, you’ll no doubt have a pile of presents and gifts that are waiting to be repackaged and sent off to friends and family in time for the best event of the year – Christmas Day! Having gone to all that trouble of ordering things in good time, it’s important to make sure that you package the goodies up properly before either posting or hand delivering. Small items can safely be popped into bubble envelopes, larger items benefit from being snugly wrapped in bubble wrap before being put into boxes and cartons. Dont forget the full address either…..postcode is always needed! Ozzy Fact A little known fact is that hand written addresses in the post will always be more than one day in delivery, as the automated postal systems cannot analyse the writing accurately, so it must be manually checked before being forwarded on (even those with super neat hand writing will suffer this) – so even paying for first class, these parcels become second class! Our top tip is to use printed labels for all your parcels – and don’t forget that’s it’s easy to add a nice graphic or 2 to the label before printing to make it look festive and add a personal touch! And if Ozzy’s on your list…he loves gloves!

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