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National Stationery Week 2021

So what is National Stationery Week I hear you cry! National Stationery week is a [...]

5 creative ideas that will keep kids busy during lockdown

Looking for creative ideas during lockdown? Things sure change in the space of a week. [...]

The Octopus Office Pancake Debate

Sweet or savoury? Crepe or American style? Flipped or tossed? We all have our own [...]

Could office supplies be the key to their heart this Valentines?

As an increasing amount of us are spending more hours at our place of work, [...]

Making Merry In December

Forget Black Friday and Cyber Monday – now it’s December all we care about is [...]

Out Of Office Email – How Do You Set Your Yours?

You’ve finished your work, you’ve been talking about your holiday for about 6 months and [...]

Fruity Ice Pops to Cool Down the Office – If you Need it!

Try one of our super tasty, super tangy ice pops – they’re cool! PEACH-Y ICE [...]

Is it Snack O’Clock Yet? You’re Favourite Office Treat

One of the negative aspects of working in an office is that most of the [...]

Getting Work In Balance

It’s surprising how by making just a few changes during your working hours can make [...]

Which Biscuits To Have In The Office?

It National Biscuit day this week so we thought we would take one of the [...]

Exercise At Work

Who knew that people who exercise at work are more productive than those that don’t? [...]

National Notebook Day

Ahhhh the humble notebook, a symbol of a simpler time perhaps. Thinking of notebooks and [...]

National Stationery Week

Ozzy and the team, supporting “National Stationery Week“. On 29th April the nation comes together [...]


Ozzy thinks you should give yourself a treat this lunchtime! Here is his tried and [...]

Getting Out Of The Office – Skiing In The UK

Getting Out Of The Office – Skiing In The UK – All Year Round (Mostly!) [...]

Ozzys Facts on St David

As we approach St Davids day Ozzy has got is fact-finding head on, it’s not [...]

Delicious, delightful Valentines biscuits to serve in your Office

Ozzy has a treat for you! Be the most loved in the office by taking [...]

5 Interesting Valentines Day Facts

Whilst you’re picking out which flowers to send our little Octopus why not check out [...]