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Ring Binders



Ring binders are available in several standard sizes from A5 to A3 and of course the most popular size of A4.

A3 Ring Binders


A3 ring binders are available in either landscape or portrait format.  The landscape format has the holes down the short edge of the paper and the portrait holes are down the long edge.  All A3 binders have a 4 ring mechanism to hold the paper or pockets securely.

A3 ring binders are perfect for keeping organised and together those larger bits of paper.

Pockets For A3 Ring Binders

A3 pockets that are designed for ring binders and lever arch files are made from durable 120 micron polypropylene.  They are available in portrait or landscape versions and come packed in packs of 25 pockets.

Dividers For A3 Ring Binderscoloured-dividers

We also stock a small range of dividers designed for A3 binders.  These are made from a thin card material and are available in 5 part or 10 part coloured sets.  They are also available in landscape or portrait formats.

A4 Ring Binders


A4 ring binders are by far the most popular in the UK.  They are available in a wide range of colours from simple primary colours such as red, green, yellow, blue and of course black.  We also supply some branded binders from manufacturers such as Elba, Glo and Concord that are supplied in other colours such as raspberry, lime, purple and Fuchsia.

Pockets For A4 Binders

There is and extensive range of punched pockets to fit into A4 binders and files.  There are economy pockets that are made from lightweight polypropylene.  These are designed for every day use and cost just a few pence per pocket.  There are also expanding pockets that are designed to take small catalogues or larger sheets of paper folded up.

Dividers For A4 Binderspunched-pockets

There are numerous dividers around for A4 binders.  From cardboard with or without mylar tabs and polypropylene that are hard wearing, but flimsy and lightweight.  There are also lots of different styles and tab configurations from 1-5 tab, up to 1-100 tabs.  These generally are made from card with plastic coated tabs for durability.

A5 Ring Binders


A5 binders are available in a limited range of colours and are generally PVC coated in a black, blue or red material.  They have a 25mm circular ring made from chrome plated steel.

Pockets for A5 Ring Binders

There are a small selection of pockets for A5 binders.  They are supplied in packs of 100 and tend to be thin lightweight material such as 60 micron polypropylene.  Portrait is the only option for the A5 pockets.

Dividers For A5 Binders

Dividers for A5 binders tend to be limited to a few options.  There are Concord dividers that come in 1-5, 1-10, 1-20 and A-Z and there are other brands that manufacture standard 5 part and 10 part coloured tabbed dividers.

A4, A5 and A3 Ring Binders Required Quickly

If your require ring either A3, A4 or A5 ring binders in a hurry, we have stock of lots of the common colours and sizes.  
We are able to despatch the same day from our store in Stockport, Greater Manchester.  This means if you are based in the Manchester or Cheshire area, we can often deliver to you the same day.  
For the quickest service possible, call our sales office on 0161 429 8118.

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