The Casio waterproof calculator can be used in the rain or in wet environments.

Where Can A Waterproof Calculator Be Used

For use in dirty or wet environments, our Casio WM-320MT waterproof calculator is ideal.  This is because the calculator would potentially come into contact with water or require washing.  The keypad can be removed and washed to remove dust, grease or general dirt.  Possible uses could be garden centres, fish markets or building sites where the calculator can be cleaned.

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Casio Waterproof Calculator FunctionsWaterproof Calculator

Being used as a regular calculator is not a problem for the Casio WM-320MT as it has all of the standard features that normal calculators have.  This includes memory functions and percentages as well as TAX + and TAX – keys to add or take away VAT.  In addition to these, the calculator also has COST, SELL and MARGIN functions.  These help work out selling prices, cost prices find margins of products that are sold.

Size Of Casio Waterproof Calculator

If you are looking for a desktop or handheld calculator, the Casio WM-320MT is ideal.  It is 109w x 169h x 33d (mm), so being 109mm across it will fit into the palm of most adults quite comfortably.  The 12 digit display on the WM-320MT is extra large, so that it can be seen easily even if there are droplets of water on it.

The removable keypad on the Casio waterproof calculator is large and clear making it easy to see and reducing the chances of mis-inputting figures.

Casio Waterproof Calculator Power

Power is not a problem for the Casio WM-320MT calculator.  It has a solar panel to power it when there is plenty of light and a battery backup, should the light be a little dim.  The WM-320MT uses 2 x CR2032 batteries (these are the flat ones similar to the size of a penny.


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