Let’s face it we all have enough decisions to make on a day to day basis. Choosing the right labelling machine or label printer needn’t be a headache – Ozzy is here to explain each of the main functions:


Label machines broadly fall into 2 categories – they can use either tape or paper labels. Tapes are usually used for identification (such as connection cables) and for ownership (‘Susan’s stapler’!). Paper labels can be used for addressing mailouts, identification of files, storage boxes etc


Labelling tape is available in 4 widths – up to 12mm, up to 18mm, up to 24mm and up to 32mm. Generally speaking, labellers that can use wider labelling tape are better specified. The two ‘PT’ machines below can use up to 24mm wide tape and have excellent specs.


All labellers can be connected via USB, and that is ideal if the device will mostly be used by one person at their desk. For sharing the QL-820NWB also offers Bluetooth and wifi connectivity.


Some machines have a built in keyboard for maximum ease of use, anytime, anyplace, anywhere! Other labellers are used with either a PC or smart device for creating the label information


A built in display can be very helpful for checking the content and layout before you print – the PT-D600VP and QL-820NWB below have a display

So with a little more information on-board, here are some of our favourites for you to browse!

Brother Label Printer Ref PT-D600VP

The PT-D600VP prints up to 30mm per second, perfect for on the move, take look.

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Brother Label Printer PT-D600VP
Choosing A Labeller Or Labelling Machine 1

Brother PT-P700 Labelling Machine

The PT-P700 labelling machine is compact, elegant and easy to use, great to keep on your desktop.

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Brother QL810W Professional Label Printer

USB and WiFi connectivity with AirPrint support. keep it anywhere in the office.

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Choosing A Labeller Or Labelling Machine 2
Choosing A Labeller Or Labelling Machine 3

Brother QL820NW Professional Label Printer

USB, Ethernet, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity with support for MFi and AirPrint. A multitude of options for connectivity.

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