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Octopus supplies a range of binding machines and accessories from the old favourite slide binder to the professional looking wire binder, but what are the advantages?

Manual Comb Binding Machine

Comb binding has its own unique benefits that suit certain professions like the legal industry and companies that produce dossiers or manuals.

A document that is comb bound using a comb binder can be lay flat on a desk when open and it can also be folded back on itself making it easy to handle.

Another benefit that can also be seen as a problem is that pages can be added or removed after it is bound. GBC-C340 The advantage is that if you make a mistake with the bind, you can undo it, amend the pages and rebind it using the original ring.  The disadvantage is that a document that is not to be modified, could be modified by anybody with a binding machine or pages can be torn out leaving no trace that a page was even there (unless the pages are numbered).

Comb bound documents can be as little as a few pages up to a maximum of 450 using ring sizes of 6mm up to 51mm and there is a choice of colours too including black, blue, red and white.  It is important to note when deciding on the size of ring what weight of paper and what covers you are using as the number of sheets recommended in catalogues bases their numbers on standard 75gsm paper and no use of covers.  Generally speaking, each cover is approximately 5 sheets and if you are using thicker paper, that needs to be taken into account too.  We recommend that you go larger if you are not sure.

Electric Binding Machine

An Electric binding machine can take the strain out of punching large volumes of paper.  They generally still have a manual binding mechanism as there is not much effort involved in that part of the binding process.  On the larger electric binder models, they have a foot pedal to operate the punch so that your hands are free to manage the paper.

Below are a selection of the models from the GBC range, from the portable low use GBC Bindmate and the GBC CombBind C340 up to the GBC CombBind C450E.

Why Buy Your Binding Machine From Octopus

If you decide to buy your binding machine from Octopus, you can be sure that you will get good advice on the machine that is right for your business.  We can advise you as to whether you need an electric binding machine or a manual.  We can also advise if a comb binder might be best or if a wire binding machine might be more suitable for your needs.

Comb Binder In Manchester

Octopus can supply binding rings and clear plastic covers next day all over the UK, however, should you be in Manchester or Cheshire, we are able to deliver binding machine supplies the same day on most occasions.  Please call our sales office on 0161 429 8118 for same day information.

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