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Octopus supply name badges for all kinds of uses, so whether it is a conference or visitors to your premises, we can help.  We stock name badges from most of the major manufacturers such as Durable, Identibadge and 5 Star.

5 Star Economy Badges

Our entry level brand is 5 Star and they produce a selection of popular size pin badges.  Security badges and the traditional visitors badges are the most popular.  All of the badges come with card inserts and are available in landscape or portrait versions in the most popular sizes.

Conferences, seminars, meetings and events of all sizes can be catered for with our range of name badges.  5 Star badges are commonly used for events where the badges are not returned, because they are cheap name badges, they are not expensive to replace.

Durable Badge Accessories

Durable are a leading supplier of name badges and accessories that encompasses lanyards, badge reels, neck chains and pass holders.Durable Badge

The Durable name badges are made from quality plastics, designed for multiple use and strong enough to be used again and again.  They are available in the delegate style with the lanyard already attached.  Alternatively, they can be supplied with a retractable reel for when the badge needs to be swiped.  The badge clips vary depending on application, however the crocodile fastener is most popular due to it’s ease of use.

Lanyards come in 2 widths, 10mm and 20mm and can be printed with the words STAFF, VISITOR or CONTRACTOR.  If larger quantities are ordered your company name or logo can be added.

Badge inserts for use in laser printers are a stock line for Octopus and available in several sizes including 40x75mm, 54x90mm 60x90mm.

Avery DIY Name Badges

Printable badges from Avery can go through your laser printer. They then push out to form a disposable badge.  They can also be put into 5 Star or Durable badges.  With Avery badges you can use their templates and software to create your own badges quickly and easily.

Some of the Avery badge kits are complete with the crocodile clip, badge holder and insert.  You can make a set of badges in minutes with just one pack.

Identibage Visitors Book & Badge Systems

Identibadge produce a massive range of identification supplies from a simple name badge to bespoke visitors books.  Identibadge are unique in that they supply the individual components of the badges separately.  For example you can buy IBSLAMP50 self laminating portrait security badge pockets on their own and STRAPC (SP50015) badge straps separately too.

Identibadge have a massive range of badge accessories and as an Identibadge stockist, we are able to supply them quickly and competitively.

Name Badges In Manchester

It always happens, you set off for the conference that you have organised and find that you have no badges in stock for your delegates.  Octopus hold stock of 5 Star and Durable name badges and can often deliver them the same day.  If you need any office supplies urgently in Manchester or Cheshire, please call our sales department on 0161 429 8118.

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