We’ve all heard the phrase ‘buy local’ but it’s not always clear why buying local is beneficial. Well no fear, we thought we would break down how buying locally is a small, but great, way you can help support your local economy.

1.Lower your carbon footprint

When you buy local you reduce your carbon footprint massively. Both driving for collection or ordering from larger distribution sites and having an item delivered from a warehouse somewhere miles away, contributes to air pollution and energy usage. For example, if you buy from Octopus Office we can deliver the same day in the Stockport area and will have many other deliveries to make, therefore saving time and stopping other customers from driving out for a product.

2. Increase the local economy and increase job opportunities

When you buy local, it stays local. By supporting smaller businesses, they will flourish and therefore have more jobs available, the community will prosper, and people will be more connected.

3. Buying Local helps support the community

In buying your products or food locally, you are serving your own community. Nobody wants their town full of empty shops and industrial spaces. Very often it is the smaller business that support local charities or sponsor the local football team. Without the local business towns would lose their community spirit.

4. Personal service when you buy local

When you shop and use services in your area you get a more personalised experience. A friendly face and local knowledge will help you buy the right product and have a nicer time doing so.

If you live in Stockport (and all our neighbouring towns) and get your office supplies from us, you are supporting; Octopus Office, Stockport as a community, our town’s environment and its economy. Thank you for supporting local!

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