Octopus stock Canadian size paper in a selection of thicknesses and several pastel colours. Canadian Size Paper

Canadian Size Paper

If you are looking for Canadian size paper, Octopus supply several weights and lots of colours. View Our Range

Canadian Paper Size

Canadian paper sizes begin with the letter P.  Each size beginning with P1 is exactly half the size of the previous, all the way down to P6.  The most popular size in the range is P4 (11 x 8.5″ or 216 x 279mm), which is similar to our A4. Octopus can supply Canadian size paper pre-punched with 3 holes if required.  We need to be notified if punching is required prior to ordering.

Other Sizes of Canadian Size Paper

P1 – 860 x 560mm (33.9 x 22″) P2 – 560 x 430mm (22 x 16.9″) P3 – 430 x 280mm (16.9 x 11″) P4 – 280 x 215mm (11 x 8.5″) P5 – 215 x 140mm (8.5 x 5.5″) P6 – 140 x 108mm (5.5 x 4.2″)

Coloured Canadian Paper

We supply Canadian paper in several standard colours which include yellow, green, blue, cream and pink.  Although the main colours that we supply are pastel shades, we can produce Canadian size paper in many other more vivid colours.  These are shades such as mauve, deep yellow, grey or amber.

Canadian Paper In Other Thicknesses

Our standard weight Canadian paper is 80gsm, however, we can also supply it in a selection of other thicknesses.  The thinnest we supply is 60gsm, which is available in white only.  Other weights that we can supply are 90gsm, 100gsm, 120gsm and 160gsm.  These thicknesses are mostly available in white, but some are also available in pastel shades too.

Canadian Size Paper Delivered

We supply paper all over the UK and even into Ireland and Europe.  We offer free delivery in the Greater Manchester and Cheshire area on any size order.  Deliveries across the UK are free for orders over £30 exc VAT.

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