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Canon Black Toner

Canon Black Toner

Canon make a large range of printers and photocopiers that print in black only.  These are known as mono printers and use a Canon black toner cartridge.

Canon Mono Printer

Canon have made a large range of mono printers over the years from such models as the LBP1210 and LBP1120 up to bigger models like the LBP6300DN.  These machines take a Canon black toner cartridge.Canon-cartridges

High Capacity Canon Toner

Some of the Canon black toner cartridges are available in higher capacity versions.  This is better for businesses that have print in larger volumes and as such the cost per page reduces.

Canon Black Toner Compatibility

Canon C-EXV18 black toner – iR1018 and iR1022

Canon 714B black toner – FAX LBP3000, L3000IP

Canon 720BK black toner – MF6680DN

Canon CRG728 black toner – MF4410, MF4430, MF4450, MF4550D, MF4570DN, MF4580DN

Canon 706 black toner – MF6530, MF6540, MF6550, MF6560, MF6580

Canon CRG T black toner – FAX L380, L380S, L390, L400, PCD320, PCD340

Canon FX black toner – FAX L200, L220, L240, L250, L260, L260i, L280, L290, L295, L300, L350, MultiPass L60, MulitPass L90

Canon FX4 black toner – FAX L800, L900

Canon FX7 black toner – FAX L2000, L2000iP

Canon FX10 black toner – FAX L100, L120, L140, L160, MF4010, MF4020, MF4120, MF4140, MF4150, MF4270MF4320D, MF4330D, MF4340D, MF4350D, MF4370DN, MF4380DN, 4660PL, 4690PL

Canon 712 black toner – LBP3010, LBP3100

Canon 719 black toner (low capacity) 719H (high capacity) – LBP6300, LBP6650DN, MF5840DN, MF5880DN

Canon 725 black toner – LBP600

Canon 726 black toner – LBP6200D

Canon 703 black toner – LBP3000, LBP2900, LBP2900BFX-10-Cartridge

Canon 708B black toner (low capacity) 708 (high capacity) – LBP3300, LBP3360

Canon 715 black toner – LBP3310, LBP3370

Canon E30 black toner – FC100, FC108, FC120, FC128, FC200, FC200S, FC204, FC204S, FC206, FC208, FC210, FC220, FC220S, FC224, FC224S, FC226, FC228, FC230, FC310, FC330, FC336, FC530, PC740, PC750, PC760, PC770, PC780, PC860, PC880, PC890

Canon EP-22 black toner – LBP1120, LBP800, LBP810

Canon EP-25 black toner – LBP1210

Canon EP-27 black toner – LBP3200, MF3240, MF3110, MF5630, MF5650, MF5730, MF5750, MF5770, MF3220

Canon 737 black toner – i-Sensys MF211, MF212W, MF216N, MF217, MF226DN, MF229DW

Canon Black Toner in Manchester and Cheshire

Octopus supply toner for a a wide range of printers faxes and photocopiers and we can deliver the next day.  If you are based in the Manchester or Cheshire areas, we can quite often deliver the same day.  Contact us on 0161 429 8118 to see if we can help you with your Canon black toner cartridge.

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