Dividers are A-Z, 1-5 or 1-31, which will you use?


Dividers Tabs, A-Z Index & Numbered Dividers


Divider tabs come in so many different varieties, it’s sometimes hard to know which ones to order!


Coloured Dividers

The most popular dividers are the 5 part and 10 part coloured divider that are generally used for writing subjects on or leaving blank and using them as markers.  These coloured divider tabs are made from a thin card and are not generally used for dividing documents that are used heavily.  For heavy duty divider tabs, we suggest Mylar tabs.

White Mylar Divider Tabs

The most popular divider tabs that Octopus supply for medium to heavy usage are the 5 Star basic white mylar dividers.  These are made from 150gsm quality white card with reinforced plastic tabs.  They will withstand fairly regular use due to the tabs and holes being made stronger.  The basic white mylar divider tabs are all printed with numbers from 1-5, 1-10, 1-12, 1-15, 1-20, 1-25, 1-31, 1-50, 1-100 or A-Z. They have a front sheet with an index printed on it for easy reference.

Polypropylene Dividers

Polypropylene index are a very lightweight divider that are tough and more durable than card and have the added 5 Part Divider Setbenefit of being wipe clean. They can be used in kitchens or factories where there is moisture or humidity.  Polypropylene dividers generally come in the numbered format or A-Z, however there are a small selection of plain tabbed and coloured tabbed indices too.

Customisable Divider

Customisable indexes are a popular choice for businesses that want their tabs to have the actual categories or subjects printed onto the tabs.  The tab labels can be printed on a laser printer or inkjet printer and then fixed to the tabs giving completely customisable dividers that look professional.  These special indices are available in 5 part, 6 part, 10 part and 12 part.  Using multiple sets can create most tab configurations.

Extra Wide Dividers

An extra wide divider is used in files where punched pockets are used.  These are about 12mm wider than normal so that they still protrude even when a punched pocket is used.  Most types have an extra wide divider option, but usually only a couple due to them not being as popular as the standard version.  These are also known as maxi dividers on account of their

Unpunched Dividers

The unpunched dividers is used generally in documents that are being bouns, either by comb or wire.  They are unpunched dividers because the dividers will need to be punched with the holes that the rest of the sheets will have, thus the need for them not to have any holes to begin with.

Number Dividers

Our range of number dividers are by far the most popular of all dividers sold.  They are available with 1-5, 1-10, 1-12, 1-15, 1-20, 1-31, 1-50 and 1-100.  They also come in a selection of materials.  Card with plastic tabs, polypropelene or just plain card, although the card with plastic tabs are the most popular in either white or multicoloured.  They are generally used for separating subjects in documents.

A-Z Divider Set

A-Z Dividers

There is a good selection on A-Z dividers from thin card that is often used for archiving because they are cheaper.  If the intention is to use the dividers regularly, then the reinforced card dividers are best as they will last the longest.  The tabs can become illegible on the non-reinforced type and that will make life difficult when trying to file papers.

Month Dividers

If monthly dividers are required for your documents or organisation, we have a good variety.  There are polypropelene or card with reinforced tabs.  The January to December tabs come in either white or multicoloured.

Dividers In Manchester

Divider tabs are one of the most popular office supplies products that Octopus deliver.  Every day companies in Manchester and Cheshire order dividers with their office stationery.  We can deliver the same day in the Manchester and Cheshire areas, so give us a call if you need a delivery quickly.

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