Paper rolls for your kitchen printer or credit card terminal


Paper Rolls

Paper rolls for use with credit card machines, kitchen printers and point of sale cash registers.  Most of the paper rolls that we supply these days are made using thermal paper.


Who Uses Paper Rolls

If you accept credit and debit cards, then the chances are you have a chip and pin terminal.

If you have an on-line shop, you will no doubt take some payments over the phone and use a credit card terminal.

If you run a restaurant you may well have a kitchen printer and or credit card machine.

If your business is on the high street, you will take payments from customer and give receipts.

Buy Your Paper Rolls From A Local Stockist

If so, you might be buying your credit card rolls, till rolls or kitchen printer rolls from the company that supplied the equipment.  If this is the case you could well be paying higher prices than you need to.

Octopus stock many sizes of paper rolls for just about every credit card machine, cash register or kitchen printer.

Credit Card Rolls

Credit card rolls are generally one of 3 sizes depending on your machine.  The small hand held terminals usually use ourcredit-card-receipts standard chip and pin rolls which are 57x40mm or REGT5740 that are 57x40mm thermal rolls.   We supply rolls that will fit in to all the major card terminals including Verifone, Elevon, Fortronic, Streamline, Barclays, Ingenico and Hypercom.


Cash Register Rolls

Cash register rolls can be either thermal single ply or normal paper in either single or duplicate paper.  The more modern tills generally use thermal paper that does not require a ribbon.  Older cash registers would usually use standard rolls in sinle ply or duplicate.  The sizes of cash register rolls can vary, however the most popular sizes are 44x80mm, 57x57mm76x76mm and 80x80mm.  These are all available in thermal and standard paper.  The thermal rolls and paper rolls that Octopus supply are compatible with Casio, Sharp, Olivetti and Sanyo cash registers.


Kitchen Printer Rolls

Kitchen printers generally take one of 2 types of rolls, either a 76x76mm in single part, 2 part duplicate or 3 part Kitchen Printertriplicate. These are suitable for use in Star, Epson & Micros kitchen printers. Other printers use a thermal roll, which is 80x80mm, this has now become the most common paper roll for EPOS machines and cash register receipts.  If you run a restaurant or shop and are unsure of the size that you need, give us a call and we can help.


Thermal Printer EPOS Rolls

Thermal printers do not require a ribbon cartridge to print onto the paper as the image is burnt on using tiny elements.  In contrast however, a printer using standard paper that would require either an ink roller, ribbon cartridge or spooled ribbon to create the image on the paper.  Thermal printers only print in black onto a single ply paper.  Therefore, if your printer is printing in colour or you are using a 2 ply paper roll, then it is more likely to be standard paper roll.


Paper Rolls Same Day

Octopus supply paper rolls all over the UK next day, however we are able to supply locally in Manchester & Cheshire the same day if required.  We are a stockist of paper rolls for credit card terminals, kitchen printers and cash registers and can dispatch the same day locally or nationwide.

For same day delivery of any office supplies in Manchester, please call 0161 429 8118.

What Do Our Customers Think Of Us

Read our Google reviews and see what our customers think about the service that we provide.  Just search OCTOPUS OFFICE and you will find us there.

Who Uses Our Sizes of Paper Rolls?

All of the top hotels in the UK use paper rolls for their credit card terminals, Epos systems and kitchen.  Even their facilities such as gyms and spas can use paper rolls in their terminals.  Here is a list of the top hotels in the UK.

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