Octopus can supply your fax machine and the cartridges to fit them.

Fax Machine

Fax Machine & Cartridges

The fax machines was most popular in the 1990’s and thousands were sold to businesses and individuals all over the UK, however they are still used by many businesses as a main form of communication.  They were first introduced using thermal rolls (fax rolls) and so they didn’t use ink or toner cartridges. View Products

Fax Machine – Inkjet

The inkjet fax machines was then introduced and were known as plain paper fax machines as they used A4 white paper instead of thermal rolls.  One of the first inkjet machines was the Panasonic UF-300 which would hold 100 sheets of A4 white paper and used a small inkjet cartridge which was basically an HP ink cartridge.

Fax Machine – Laser

Soon after this laser plain paper fax machine was introduced and receiving and printing faxes became faster and less expensive.  Canon were one of the leaders in plain paper laser faxes with such machines as the L800.

Modern Fax Machines

The faxes that octopus sell these days are made by Samsung, Brother and Philips and are either laser or thermal transfer technology.  Our most popular fax is the Samsung SF-760P laser fax and this uses an MLT-D101S toner cartridge with a page life of up to 1,500 pages.  The Brother thermal transfer fax is available with or without an answering machine FAX-T104 or FAX-T106 uses the PC72RF ink film which has a page life of 288 pages.

Fax Cartridges

Octopus supply cartridges for all makes of fax machines whether they are obsolete or still a current machine.  If you require a cartridge for an old or obsolete fax machine and it is no longer in our cartridge finder, please call us on 0845 8124 888.

Local Deliveries

Being based near Manchester, we are able to deliver quickly to businesses in and around Greater Manchester and Cheshire.  As we use our own vans to deliver, we can often make urgent deliveries within an hour or 2.  For help or assistance, call our sales office on 0161 429 8118.

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