Do you have wires running across the floor.  Use our floor cable trunking to keep them tidy and safe.

Floor Cable Trunking

Floor Cable Trunking

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Dimensions Of Floor Cable Trunking

The standard length of cable trunking is 1800mm (6 ft).  Several lengths of trunking can be linked together to create longer lengths so that you can span a complete office if required.  Connecting pins are supplied with each length to connect to each other and make longer runs.

Plain Trunking

The plain black trunking has no marks on it, however depending on the colour of the floor could contract well enough to be seen.  1 or 2 wires can easily be fed through a single channel cable curb.  The channel size is 8x14mm, so at a push, 3 normal cables for printers or photocopiers could be accommodated.

Black and Yellow Trunking

Our black and yellow trunking is great for areas where the trunking may not be immediately visible.  The yellow lines help it become more noticeable. The black and yellow trunking is also 1.8m (6 ft) and 83mm wide.Black and Yellow Cable Trunking

Where To Use Your Floor Cable Trunking

Almost any type of floor can have cable trunking lay across it, whether that be laminate, carpet or wooden.  The flexible, but durable material will eventually lay flat once it has been lay out onto the floor.  On carpeted areas it will not generally require and adhesive. On polished or laminate flooring however, it may need to be secured at each end.

How Many Cables Can Floor Trunking Hold?

The small cable curb can hold up to 3 wires depending on the size of the wire and the large cable curb can hold up to six wires.

What Is The Trunking Made From?

D-Line cable trunking is made from PVC.  It is rolled into a coil for transportation.  It is unravelled and placed onto the floor and pressed down and after a short time it will begin to lay flat in most environments.

Floor Cable Trunking In Manchester

We carry some stock of cable trunking for floors, so if an urgent order is required in Manchester, we can usually deliver the same day.  We stock 2 sizes of floor cable trunking for same day delivery.  The small sizes will hold 2-3 cables and the large size will hold up to 4-6 cables depending on the thickness.

Computer Supplies

Octopus don’t just supply cable trunking.  We can supply all of your office needs including computer supplies and office supplies.

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