A5, A4 & A3 Lever arch files

Lever Arch Files

Lever Arch Files

Octopus supply lever arch files to businesses every day of the week and all over the UK.  We deliver using our own vehicles in the Greater Manchester and Cheshire areas and can usually deliver the same day if one of our customers requires them urgently.

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Everyday Use Lever Arch Files

Our files for everyday use are the 5 Star brand.  They are available in the standard grey/black paper covered type or a choice of colours.  The coloured 5 Star lever arch files come in red, light blue, green, yellow, dark blue and black.  They are supplied in paper or wipe clean PVC coated board.

Plastic Coated Lever Arch FilesColoured-File

Lever arch files are generally made of 2 materials, paper or plastic over a stiff board.  The plastic coated variety are wipe clean, so stay looking smarter for longer.  They generally come in a broader range of colours and often have a brighter appearance.  The plastic variety also have a plastic pocket on the spine.  This will hold a small piece of card that is ideal for marking what the file contents are.

Presentation Lever Arch Files

The presentation lever arch file is used for personalising your file by inserting a sheet into the front cover and spine.  Using this type of file, you can make bespoke one off designs or produce a corporate file that carries your company logo.  Presentation files are most commonly made in white, but black, blue and red are made by some manufacturers.

Jumbo Lever Arch Files

Elba make jumbo files that have a capcity of 85mm.  This means that they can hold over 700 sheets of 75gsm paper.  The Elba Jumbo lever arch files are available in black or blue.

Brightly Coloured Files

As mentioned earlier, most lever arch are made in standard colours, but there are some other finishes around.  Elba for instance make a small range of metallic files in silver, pink, purple and blue as well as a range of bright colours.  The bright files are available in all the standard colours, as well as pink, orange, purple and grey.

A4 Lever Arch Files

The most common size of file is the A4 size, which is slightly oversized at 310 x 280mm which gives it a little extra at the top and bottom.  The A4 file fits neatly into most bookcases and storage cupboards that are designed for filing.

Foolscap Lever Arch Files

The foolscap file is common in accounts departments due to it’s extra height, that being 350mm.  This size file will accept larger invoices that some companies produce, therefore they don’t need to be folded over as often.  The foolscap file will also accept A4 papers without being particularly accurate with the hole punching.

A5 Lever Arch FilesA3-Size-File

The A5 file is not as popular in recent years and now is only available from Octopus in one brand, that being Leitz.  The Leitz A5 lever arch file comes in landscape and portrait formats and has the same paper capacity as the A4 version.  The oblong A5 lever arch files have the rings on the short edge, whilst the upright A5 lever arch files have the rings on the long edge.

A3 Lever Arch Files

The A3 file is still a fairly popular lever arch file size and is manufactured by a number of companies including 5 Star, Rexel and Leitz.  The A3 lever arch file comes in portrait and landscape format and has the same capacity as the standard A4 size.

Narrow Lever Arch Files

The standard size file has a spine of 70mm, but there is a narrower size of 50mm that some companies prefer to use.  The 50mm file has exactly the same setup as the 70mm, and is only available in the A4 size.  It is mostly used by companies that never fill a standard size file and therefore save storage space by 20mm per file.

Fast Delivery of A3 and A4 Lever Arch Files

Do you need lever arch files the same day?  At Octopus, we stock lever arch files in many colours as well as the standard black & grey type.  We are able to deliver quickly all over Manchester and Cheshire from our store in Stockport.

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