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Footrests, Tilting Foot Support & Foot Rockers

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Are Your Feet Flat On The Floor?

Footrests are designed to help your posture whilst sat at your desk and they work by raising your feet so that they are flat on the footrest whilst your back is straight and your computer monitor is set to the correct height.  There are several types of footrest available, some basic ones that are cheaper and some with a heating element that are more expensive.

5 Star Footrests

5 Star make a range of basic footrests to suite the price concious buyer.  They have tilting action and adjustable height and are made from high impact plastic.  5 Star footrests have a textured foot plate with little bobbles that when used without shoes can be therapeutic for bare feet.

Fellows Zone 1 Back Tension Footrests

The fellows range of footrests are part of the Zone1 Back Tension series which are designed to help prevent back pain by encouraging the user to sit correctly and therefore improve the posture.  Fellows are one of the leading footrest manufacturers and make a selection of models.

Fellows Standard Footrest

The basic standard footrest has 2 height positions and a textured surface to massage tired feet.

Fellows Microban Footrest

The Microban footrest from Fellows has several height adjustments and can be adjusted from the seated position, so no bending or stooping to get it right.

Fellows Climate Control Footrest

This heated footrest has 2 heat settings to warm cold feet and keep them warm.  The surface has a textured finish to rejuvenate tired feet.

Fellows Independent Foot Support

The Fellows Independent Foot Support has 2 foot plates to help with circulation by selecting the active setting which enables the foot plates to move independently. It has surface massage bumps to help relieve tension and stress.

Where To Position Your Footrest

You should position your footrest under your desk so that it is within easy reach of your feet, so that you do not have to over-stretch in order to have your feet on it.

Footrest Same Day

Octopus supply footrests all over the UK from our store in Stockport on a next day basis.  If you require an urgent delivery in Manchester or Cheshire, we can generally deliver footrests the same day.  Please call our sales office on 0845 8124 888 for further assistance.

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