If you create documents that need to look professional and personalised to your own business, then you need presentation binders.

Presentation Binders

Presentation Binders, Ring Binders & Presentation Files

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White Presentation binders

The most common type of presentation binder is the standard white version with a pocket on the front and spine to personalise it.  The standard presentation binder is the 4 D-ring that is available in several spine widths as listed below.

16mm 4 Ring Presentation Binder

25mm 4 Ring Presentation Binder

38mm 4 Ring Presentation Binder

50mm 4 Ring Presentation Binder

65mm 4 Ring Presentation Binder

There is also a 2 ring presentation binder in the following sizes.

25mm 2 Ring Presentation Binder

40mm 2 Ring Presentation Binder

50mm 2 Ring Presentation Binder

65mm 2 Ring Presentation Binder

Presentation Lever Arch Files

Leitz make a lever arch presentation binder that has their unique 180 degree mechanism that allows you to file on both sides of the file.  The Leitz presentation file is available in 50mm and 80mm and the 80mm version has a capacity of 500 sheets of 80gsm paper.

Elba Panorama Presentation Binders

The Elba Panorama presentation binder has a clear cover all the way around on the front, spine and back cover.  The 4 ring A4 binders are available in 16mm, 25mm, 40mm, 50mm and 65mm, whilst they also make them in 2 ring in 25mm, 40mm, 50mm and 65mm.  Panorama files also have a pocket on the inside front cover, which can hold papers or a CD or DVD.

A5 Presentation Binders

Elba make binders in A5 with a 25mm 2 ring mechanism.  The A5 presentation binders are available in several colours including black, blue, red and the most popular white binder.  The 25mm A5 binders have a capacity of approximately 250 sheets of A5 paper.  The A5 presentation binders have a cover on the front, spine and back cover and also a pocket on the inside front cover.

A3 Presentation binders

Elba manufacture an A3 presentation binders that has a 50mm 4 ring mechanism that will hold approximately 500 sheets of A3 paper.  The A3 binders have a cover on the front, back and spine as well as a pocket on the inside front cover that can be used for papers or CD/DVDs.

Same Day Delivery

If you require presentation binders urgently, call our sales department and we can usually arrange dispatch the same day.  If delivery is to be made in Manchester or Cheshire, we can often deliver the same day too.

More Information

If you require any more information regarding presentation binders, please call us as there is a large range of binders available and we can also have bespoke binders made to order.  Call Octopus on 0161 429 8118.

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