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Franking cartridges are now supplied with blue ink.  This is to be in line with Europe, who have been using blue ink for some time.  Octopus have been supplying franking ink in Manchester since 2002 and have many customers who buy all of their franking supplies from us.  This includes labels, ink and even machine envelopes.

Pitney Bowes Franking Machine Ink

Octopus supply franking ink for most models in the Pitney Bowes range.  We stock some of the more common cartridges and have quick access to almost every cartridge available.  Some of the more common machines include E700 series, B700 series, B721 Post Perfect, DM50, DM55, K700, DM100, DM125, DM150, DM175, DM200, DM200, DM225, DM250, DM300, DM300C, DM400C, DM500, DM550, DM575, DM800, DM900, DM1000, DP200, DP400 and DM395.

Neopost Franking Cartridges and Ink

Neopost make a large range of franking machines and we stock or can source almost all of them and can offer next day delivery in most cases.  The most common of the cartridges that we supply are IJ90, IJ25, MSL250, IJ30, IJ40, IJ45, IJ50, IJ60, MSL350, MSL450, Hasler 4000 & 5000, IJ65, IJ70, IJ80, MSL650, SM22, SM26, Smile, 101,202 and 120 series, 204, 220, 240 and 250 series, IJ110, IS330, IS350, IS420, IS430, IS440, IS460 and IS480 series.

Franking Labels

Franking labels are available in several sizes, however by far the most common labels are our standard franking labels.  They have 2 labels per Franking Labelssheet and have a small 1cm gap between each label.  Each franking label is 153mm  x 45mm and is self adhesive.

Franking ink the same day

Octopus stock some of the most common Neopost and Pitney Bowes franking cartridges and can deliver the same day in the Manchester and Cheshire area.  If you cannot find the franking cartridge that you require, please call us on 0161 429 8118 or email

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