Protect your documents with our board backed envelopes

Board Backed Envelopes

Board Backed Envelopes

Octopus supply a range of board backed envelopes that provide protection when documents are sent in the post.  Our hard back envelopes are printed ‘Please do not bend’ in red and have a stiff card back and heavy weight paper front.

Sizes Of Envelopes

There is a large size selection of envelopes in the board back range.  The smallest standard size is the C5 envelope.  This is designed to accept an A5 document up to approximately 7mm thick.  It will also take Go To Our Storean A4 document folded in half.  The next regular size up is the C4 board backed envelope, which is by far the most popular.  This is designed to fit A4 paper up to approximately 7mm thick.  The exact size of this envelope is 324x229mm approximately 13mm extra all the way around an A4 document.  The largest regular size is C3, which is designed to accommodate an A3 document.

Colour Options

There are only 2 standard colours of board backed envelopes, that being brown (manilla) and white.  The most common and therefore cheapest is the brown envelope.  The brown board backed envelopes are available in a selection of sizes, whereas the white are only available in the common sizes such as C5 and C4.

Brands Available

There are several brands of board backed envelope available including New Guardian, 5 Star and Plus Fabric.  The 5 Star are our economy brand which are only available in the brown colour.  These are made from 115gsm manilla with a peel and seal closure.  The New Guardian brand are the best quality and the strongest of all of the envelopes.  Plus Fabric board backed envelopes are made from strong white paper and are available in a small selection of sizes.

Same Day Delivery

Businesses based near Manchester also benefit from the possibility of same day delivery.  We have vehicles in and around the area all day during the working week, so are able to respond quickly should a customer be in urgent need of envelopes.

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