Frixion Erasable Pen


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The Frixion erasable pen allows you to make more mistakes!

The Pilot Frixion erasable pen range has something for everybody.  It has a ballpen, rollerball, gel pen and even a highlighter and all these pens can be erased and written over immediately.

How does it work?

The special ink in the Pilot Frixion pen turns clear when friction is generated.  By rubbing over the text with the tip at the other end of the pen, the ink just disappears right before your eyes.  Then it is immediately ready to be written over again using the same pen.

Piolt Frixion Rollerball Pen

Pilot Frixion Erasable Rollerball

The Frixion rollerball pen looks and feels the same as any other quality gel rollerball, however other rollerball pens cannot be rubbed out.  The Frixion rollerball pen has new, smoother and denser ink, which gives 25% more write-out distance.  It has a line width of 0.4mm from the tip that is 0.7mm and comes in black, blue or red ink.  As with all of the Frixion erasable pens, it can be erased and re-written over immediately.

Pilot Frixion Hi-Techpoint

This is the erasable version of the popular Hi-Techpoint pen from Pilot.  It has the same fine 0.3mm line width from it’s 0.5mm tip, but can be erased too.  The special Pilot ink can be erased using the special end stud as with the rest of the range and re-written over straight away.  The Frixion Hi-Techpoint is available in black and blue only.

Pilot Frixion HighlighterFrixion Erasable Highlighter

The erasable highlighter from Pilot uses the same idea as the Frixion erasable pen.  It can be used to highlight text and then rubbed out using the special stud on the end of the marker.  These can be used if temporary highlighting of text is required and no chemical residue or dust is left behind.  It has wedge tip which can be used to give accuracy or it can be for maximum coverage.  The Frixion highlighter pens come in yellow, green and pink.

Frixion Erasable Pen in Manchester

If you are looking for a local stockist of Frixion pens, then Octopus is based in the Manchester area.  You can call us and order your pens and collect when it is convenient from our store in Stockport.  Just call us on 0161 429 8118 to reserve and collect your Frixion pens.

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