Octopus stock telex rolls for delivery to the aviation industry.

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Telex Rolls

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 Paper Telex rolls may not be as popular as 30 years ago, but they’re still around

Telex rolls were used in normal businesses regularly until the 1980’s and then the fax machine was launched.  This made them virtually redundant in normal business.  These days they are used mainly in the aerospace and aviation industry and we supply them to airlines and airports all over the UK.

Single Ply Telex RollsSingle Ply Paper

The single ply roll is manufactured from a quality white bond paper that is untreated.  It is usually fitted to a dot matrix printer these days instead of an actual telex machine.  This is often an Oki printer.

The roll measures 214mm wide with a diameter of 120mm and has a core size of 25mm.  We stock telex rolls and supply them in boxes of 6 to businesses across the UK.

2 Ply Telex Rolls

The twin ply or duplicate telex rolls are made from NCR paper (no carbon required).  They are made with white paper for each copy or the bottom copy can be tinted.  There are 2 options for the tinted telex roll, either white top copy and yellow bottom copy or white top copy and pink bottom copy.  The different colours is just down to preference.  Some people find it easier to separate the 2 parts if they are contrasting colours.  As with the single ply, they are packed in 6 rolls per carton and the size is 214mm x 120mm with a 25mm core.

Telex Paper Rolls In Manchester

Octopus Office Products are a telex roll stockist and as such are able to offer fast same day delivery to businesses in the Manchester and Cheshire area.  Therefore if you require telex rolls the same day, please call our sales office who will be happy to arrange a speedy delivery to you.

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