Find a GBC A3 laminator for use in your office.

GBC A3 Laminator

GBC A3 Laminator

An A3 laminator from GBC is great for the office that might need to laminate signs or documents for the shop floor.  We stock A3 and A4 laminating pouches that can protect documents from water and other liquids.

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GBC Fusion 5000L A3 Laminator

The 5000L is ideal for use in a large busy office and is equipped with a host of intelligent features and controls to help make laminating your documents fast and easy.  The warm up time on this GBC A3 laminator is only one minute, so it can laminate a document up to A3 size in less than 20 seconds.

The adjustable pouch guides keep documents perfectly aligned whilst they are being fed, so they will not get creased during laminating.  Auto alert beeps and auto reverse if a pouch is being fed through mis-aligned.

This GBC A3 laminator has four rollers for a smooth finish and exit tray so that documents don’t cool down curled as this GBC 3000L 102567makes them permanently curled.  The countdown timer and beep sound indicates when the laminator is ready to use.  Auto shut off after 30 minutes of inactivity as a safety measure and also to conserves energy. Digital control screen – for manual settings, use simple on-screen selections. Laminates any size document up to A3 size.

GBC Fusion 3000L A3 Laminator

The 3000L is designed to be used frequently at home or in the office office. From switching on, it is ready to use in just 90 seconds.  It can laminate all sizes of documents up to A3 size in just over 30 seconds, so you can potentially laminate over 100 sheets per hour on this GBC A3 laminator.

It can laminate pouches that are 2 x 75 micron (150 total) to 2 x 125 micron (250 total).  An adjustable guide will help your documents enter the laminator straight, so that the chance of jamming is reduced.  The exit tray will let the documents lie perfectly flat when they leave the laminator, so that they cool down without curling.  Auto audible beeps warns if a pouch is being mis-fed and you can press the release button to quickly remove any jammed pouches.  The fast warm up speed means you can begin laminating in less than 2 minutes and a green light and beep indicate when it is ready to be used.

For safety the 3000L has an auto shut-off after 30 minutes of inactivity to conserves energy and reduce risk of overheating.  Select micron thickness with the touch of a button.

A3 Laminators in Manchester

Octopus have stock of A3 laminators available for delivery in Manchester the same day.  We have vans around the Greater Manchester area all of the time and can usually deliver within a few hours.

Keeping Things Clean

Since the Coronavirus outbreat in 2020, things need to be kept clean in shops, bars, restaurants and offices.  Laminating things like menus, instructions and price lists can help because they can be cleaned easily with antibacterial wipes or sprays.  For a guide for your bar, takeaway or restaurant and how a GBC A3 laminator can help, click here.

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