Do you need a tough Rhino labelling machine on site?

Rhino Labelling Machine

Dymo Rhino Labelling Machine

The Dymo range of Rhino labelling machine models are designed to be used onsite where they are likely to get bumped and knocked.

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Dymo Rhino 5200rhino-4200

The Dymo Rhino 5200 label printer is the entry level labeller, capable of printing labels from 6mm up to 19mm in width.  It has a qwerty keyboard that has special keys that can be programmed with commonly used terms or phrases.  There is also a custom key that saves settings for commonly used label formats.

The sturdy design makes it ideal for use onsite by electrical contractors, maintenance staff or caretakers.  The unit has rubber bumpers protect it from getting damaged whilst being used on building sites or warehouses.

Dymo Rhino 6000

The Dymo Rhino 6000 label printer has all of the same features as the Rhino 4200 plus many more.  It can store over 250 commonly used phrases and terms, so will save time typing the same label details for frequently used details.  There is also a 1Mb memory to save thousands of frequently used labels which can include symbols, graphics or logos.

The Rhino 6000 has a single touch cutter that will automatically slice through tape up to 24mm in rhino-labelswidth.

Labels For Rhino Labelling Machines

Tapes for the Rhino labelmaker come in 9mm, 12mm, 19mm and 24mm and are available in several materials too.  Each width is available in polyester, vinyl and nylon.

The strong adhesive on this heat resistant tape is designed for use in industrial applications.  The tape is smear proof and resistant to chemicals and abrasion.

Dymo Rhino Industrial Permanent Polyester 9mmx3.5m Black on White 18482

Dymo Rhino Industrial Nylon Tape 12mmx4m White 18488

Dymo 12 WT Vinyl 12MM 18444 / S0718600

Dymo Nylon Tape White 19mm S0718120

Dymo 9 1500WT Vinyl 19MM 18445 / S0718620

Rhino Label Printer Delivered Fast

Octopus can deliver quickly all over the UK.  We offer free delivery in Manchester and Cheshire from our store in Greater Manchester.

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