3M Spray Mount adhesive is used in design studios and creative agencies across the UK for creating advertising and marketing work.

Spray Mount Adhesive

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Spray Mount Adhesive

Repositionable Adhesive

Spray Mount Adhesive is designed to be easy to fix and move until you are sure that you have placed it in the correct position.  The tacky glue is transparent, so will not leave any marks on the paper or card once it is dry.

Spray Mount Uses043002

Spray Mount is most commonly used by designers that produce story boards or presentation material that is paper based.  Often paper with designs on them are stuck on to a piece of board that would be used as part of an advertising campaign. Artists also use Spray Mount when creating collages or where paper based products are used.

Large or Small Cans

Spray Mount Adhesive is available in larger 400 ml cans or the smaller 200ml can.  The 400 ml is by far the most popular and they are stocked at all times.

Spray Mount In Manchester

Octopus are a Spray Mount stockist and as such always have several tins of Spray Mount on the shelf.  Customers are welcome to collect fro our warehouse in Stockport or place an order for delivery.  We offer free delivery to businesses in the Manchester area and can often deliver the same day.

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