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Gusset Envelopes

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Don’t over-fill your envelopes, go for an expandable gusset envelope instead.

Gusset envelopes are designed for when you are sending out bulky documents in the post.  They have an expanding gusset that will expand to up to 70mm wide.

The most popular gusset envelope that we supply are manilla (or brown) envelopes and these tend to be amongst the strongest.  Manilla envelopes are available in standard weight or heavy weight paper.  If you require a more durable gusset envelope, then the Armour range are what you need.

The Armour gusset envelope is made from a heavy duty paper, with gridded polyester running through it.  This is prevent it from ripping and Armour envelopes have an expandable gusset of up to 70mm.

5 Star Gusset Envelopes

5 Star gusset envelopes are the economical option if you require an expanding envelope.  They are available in white or brown and expand up to 25mm.  The white envelopes are peel and seal and are made from 120gsm white paper, whilst the brown envelopes are made from 115gsm manilla paper.

The 5 Star expanding envelopes begin at C4 size and go up to 16×12″ and are boxed in quantities of 125.  The larger gusset envelopes are boxed in 50’s.

White Gusset Envelopes

If you require a premium envelope, then Octopus stock the Plus Fabric range of envelopes.  These are made from quality 120gsm smooth bond and begin at C4 (A4 size) and go up to 16×12″.  Plus fabric envelopes are also available with a window, which few other manufacturers supply.  The Plus Fabric gusset envelopes have Power-Tac adhesive for a very secure closure.

Untearable Envelopes

If you require the ultimate protection in gusset envelopes, then you need to be ordering Tyvek gusset envelopes.  Tyvek are virtually indestructible and are tear, water and burst resistant.  Tyvek envelopes are also extremely light, up to 3 times lighter than some envelopes that are made from paper.

Tyvek envelopes come in several sizes from B5 (which is slightly larger than A5) up to 16×12″ and a gusset size of up to 51mm.

Envelopes Same Day

Octopus deliver gusset envelopes in Manchester and Cheshire regularly from our store in Stockport.  If you require some urgently, we are able to deliver the next day or even the same day if required with your office supplies.

A Whole Range Of Envelopes

We supply a huge range of envelopes, from the humble DL size to the giant C3 size.  See some of our popular sizes here.

Check the Price of Your Postage

If you are sending out bulky items, there are several ways to get it delivered.  There can be a big difference in the costs from one provider to another.  Check out the Royasl Mail postage prices here.

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