The Avery tagging gun is designed to fix labels to garments using plastic tag attachments.

Avery Tagging Gun

Avery Tagging Gun

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Tagging Gun Uses

The Avery tagging gun can be used for attaching labels to clothes and other soft items such as toys, upholstered furniture.  The needle passes the thin end of the tag through the fabric and fastens it, then the tag cannot be removed easily without breaking the plastic tag.

Plastic Tag Attachmentstagging-attachments

The plastic bag attachments that the tagging gun uses are available in 3 lengths.  There is a short 20mm a medium 40mm and the long 50mm and each is identical apart from the length.  The strong tags are made from polypropylene and are strong enough to cope with being pulled in normal transit without snapping.

Replacement Needles

The Avery tagging gun uses a replaceable needle to fit the tag onto the garments.  Eventually, these tags become blunt or snap due to wear and tear and need to be replaced.  The needles are easy to remove and replace and can be done in seconds without any other equipment or tools.  A small lever is turned and the needle can be removed.  Once the new needle has been installed and the lever turned back to the original position, the gun can be loaded with tags and used again.Replacement-Needles

The tagging gun has a special attachment that shields the needle when the gun is not being used.  This prevents damage to the needle or injury to persons not aware how sharp they are.

Avery Tagging Gun Accessories With Free Delivery

Customers based in the Greater Manchester or Cheshire area can benefit from fast same day deliveries of such items as tagging guns and their accessories.  Call our sales office on 0161 429 8118 to order and get FREE deliveries too.

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