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Desk Lamps

Desk lamps have been used for years in the office to brighten up your individual work space.  They have evolved over the decades and now tend to be LED or fluorescent rather than the traditional bulb type due to the European Directive.  By 2016 all incandescent and halogen lamps will be banned from sale in the UK and only current stocks may be sold off.

Energy Saving Desk Lamp

The cheapest of our desk lamps are ones that use an energy saving light bulbs.  These lamps tend to be the most basic in design, but have characteristics to make them appealing.  They have good light quality, better than average energy consumption and life span.  They have low heat emission and are the friendliest to the environment.

LED Desk Lamp

LED desk lamps are available in either standard LED or power LED and the light quality of the power LED is superior to the standard LED however the power LED lamps are nicer to the environment and have a longer lifespan. Modern lamps have more functionality such as absence detection where the lamp will switch off 15 minutes after no motion has been detected.  Some other lamps are touch sensitive to adjust the brightness of the lamp. classic-desk-lampOctopus can supply bulbs or lamps for almost any make of desk lamp or uplighter, so if you require a bulb for your office lamp, you can order them with the rest of your office supplies from Octopus. Call our sales office on 0845 8124 888 or 0161 429 8118. Email Octopus at

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