Are you looking for a way to be more organised? Have you ever looked at someone else in your office and thought; ‘They are so organised and put-together. Why can’t I be like that?

Psychiatrist Mark Banschick has noted a “can’t” and “won’t” problem, stating “Can’t” implies inability. “Won’t” is the lack of initiative.” Follow these steps to be an organising expert in no time

more organised

The path to being more organised

The hardest part of becoming organised for the first time is getting started. Whether you’re organising a single project or you just want to become more organised in your everyday life.

Getting started is the hardest mountain to climb. Remind yourself why you wanted to be more organised in the first place and keep that end goal at the forefront of your mind. Once you’re over that first hurdle everything else will become much easier.

Rexel Optima Expanding Organiser File Polypropylene 13-Part A4 Black Ref 2102483
Rexel Optima Expanding Organiser File Polypropylene 13-Part A4 Black Ref 2102483

Clearing Some Space

The saying goes “tidy house, tidy mind”, this can also be applied to your workspace. Sometimes your desk can be full of clutter that is not only making a mess around you, but the chances are also it is making your mind feel jumbled too.

Clear some space and then you will have the room to organise mentally and physically. Don’t lose those important papers when clearing up and store them in an expanding file with separate sections for all your documents.

The Rexel Optima Expanding Organiser File is a great addition to help you keep more orgnised.

Set aside some time

If you want to be more organised so that you have more time for doing what you love then this will sound slightly contracting, as to be more organised you will likely need to set aside some time to focus on organisation.

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Exacompta Magnetic Board

Whether you use this time to plan ahead or maybe to make sure you are keeping up to speed with where you’d already planned to be, having that time to check in with your organising will stop you from getting overwhelmed.

Lists help get you more organised

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend then an organisers best friend is a list!

It doesn’t matter whether you use colours or categories to signify priority levels if your list looks good you’ll feel more likely to stick to your plan. You will even get a sense of achievement every time you cross off a task.

Check out a magnetic to-do list board for your home or office – another great addition!


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