So it may seem like everyone and the office dog have left you in a quiet office for the summer holidays. You may be seeing them on social media next to the pool (de-friend right now) or perhaps they have gone dark and you can only imagine what fun they are getting up to (it’s not all that much honestly).

Trust us you are not alone, as you stare across the empty desks. There are others out there with their noses to the grindstone just like you.

If you’re feeling a little forlorn, not only have your teammates left you, but the phones are suspiciously quiet. Your inbox has never looked so tidy. We have some top tips to help you make the most of this summer lull.

Empty Office Holidays
Empty Office – Staff Holidays

Set yourself some 30-minute goals.

Think email clear out, historic data tidying, anything that you have been putting off since January (or longer) the trick is to limit it to 30 minutes, 45 as max so your never getting bored. You can tackle the same task every day if it’s a biggy but for no more than 45 minutes and not at the same time of day, mix it up!

Be creative in the morning and practical in the afternoon.

We tend to do our best creative thinking in the morning. So if you have presentations to create, blogs to write or customer proposals to put together do them in the morning when you have more flare! With the added help of a quiet office you’ll be creating something really special. In the afternoon tackle the accounts, the email replying and anything a little more mundane.

Make a 6-week list.

Write a List
Make a SIX WEEK list

This could be something for every week or a few things each week. Make a list of all the things you have wanted to do but haven’t had the time or space to do them? Refiling paperwork, emptying out the office kitchen for a good clear out. Depending on your job you might be in charge of the stationery cupboard, when was the last time it was organised? Have some tasks you do each week, and don’t be tempted to do them all in the first few days, take your time. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

Work Break Run Jog In Park
Time Out From The Office

Check out the furniture

if you’re in charge of the office layout, furniture or even well being when was the last time to check out everyone’s desks? Take this opportunity to try out office chairs, see if there are disused backrests lying about. Are some of the desks looking a little tired?

You now have time to do a little research into the latest office ergonomics perhaps?

Get out for lunch.

So with all this work, there needs to be a little play. Go for a lunchtime walk, maybe catch a 30-minute class at the gym, read in the park or arrange to meet a friend for lunch. No we’re not saying with everyone out you can take a long lunch….. however getting away from the desk and isolation will do you the world of good.

We hope these tips help you to get through to Autumn.

Here at Octopus we always have a busy team and never a quiet office. So despite a few holidays, the Octopus HQ will be buzzing. Ozzy, in particular, will be holding down the fort!

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