Was it 10 or so years ago that the phrase Feng Shui was on everyone’s list? Or was it longer? It seems these days it’s the art of tidying that gets everyone in a fluster to change things around but once you’ve tidied is there a method to finding a place for everything?

You may not be bought into Feng Shui, the ‘energy moving around the room’ or popping a plant in a certain place to bring you more money. That said however there is evidence to suggest psychologically speaking what we look at and what we are surrounding ourselves with on a daily basis can improve or hinder productivity, creativity, stress levels and more.

So how do you create an office environment that promotes creative thinking, brings positive vibes, energises people yet doesn’t over stimulate?

Let’s start by asking a few questions…

  • What is within your eye line every day?
  • What’s going on behind your back?
  • What is the lighting like?
  • What does the air feel like in the office?

Asking yourself these questions might have already brought up some things for a change. If you are straining your eyes because you have no natural light in the office, then perhaps you should address it. If your feeling stifled because of the air in the office may be a plant or open window would help? Now we know some problems won’t be easily fixed, you can’t create a new window or paint a wall but there are some ways you can influence your Feng Shui energy levels without making major changes.

Office Plants


This is an easy one. We’re aren’t talking about those plastic plants you have to wipe down either. Real oxygen giving plants that will help you feel energised. Have them in your eye line and take a moment each day to take care of them. Watering, feeding and yes even talking to them for a few minutes can help you connect to nature and feel nurtured as you nurture

Clean desk

it might seem simple but a clean well-organised desk can mean a well-organised mind. An in try and out try makes you feel on top of things. A clean work surface can reduce feelings of anxiety. A good notebook with colourful pens in reaching distance can increase creativity. Never underestimate the positive effects of a clean digital desktop either!

Clean & Tidy Office Desk
A Tidy Office

Family connections

Pictures of your loved one, a good places kids drawing or that pen your mum brought you when you got the job. All of these can create a sense of gratitude which helps with motivation.

Don't Forget Your Office Feng Shui 1Good backing

You might not be able to move your desk but what IS behind you? If you have a wall or cubicle backing then can you create positive energy behind you? Some positive mantras printed out, or perhaps a tall plant to create a sense of being surround by nature.

Add lighting to your desk

if you’re able to add a small lamp to your desk can create some much-needed softness to the general light in the room, it can also reduce glare to help your eyes.

There is a lot more to Feng Shui that we are able to explore but hopefully, this gives you some good starting points to make your office home from home!

If your able to really go to town maybe check out new office furniture and storage, or even decorate with new lamps and notice boards for your positive mantras!


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