If you are looking for a cheap laminating machine, take a look at the 5 Star hot and cold laminator.

Hot And Cold laminator

Hot And Cold Laminator

At Octopus, we supply a large range of laminating machines from various manufacturers and in a wide selection of sizes and speeds.


A4 Hot And Cold Laminatorlaminator-108508

A4 Office Laminator

Our entry level A4 hot and cold laminator is designed for businesses and individuals who only laminate periodically.  It works very well, but is slower than the more expensive models and can only laminate up to 200 micron laminating pouches.

The warm up time on the Office A4 laminator is roughly 4-5 minutes, so it seems like a long time when you are waiting to laminate documents.  Although the Office laminator is our entry level machine, it has an anti-jam function to avoid unwanted blockages.

A4 Professional Laminator

There are two main differences between the Office laminator and the Professional laminator.  One is that the warm up time is only 1 minute 30 seconds and the other is that the documents to be laminated are fed from the back.  It will also laminate a thicker quality of pouch, that being up to 250 microns.

A3 Hot And Cold laminator

A3 Office laminatorlaminator-108506

The A3 office laminator is identical to the A4 model except it has a warm up time of 5-6 minutes.  it will of course laminate paper up to a3 size.

A3 Professional Laminator

The A3 Professional laminator from 5 Star has a warm up time of 3-4 minutes, so it is faster than the standard Office laminator.  It can laminate and A3 sheet of paper in just over a minute and an A4 sheet in approximately 45 seconds.

Hot And Cold Laminator In Manchester

If you require a laminating machine or indeed just the pouches in Manchester, we are able to help.  We have vans delivering laminating pouches in a range of sizes all over Manchester and Cheshire.  Whether you are looking for a small badge laminator or a large A2 poster laminator, we can generally assist.  Please call our sales office on 0161 429 8118 for more information.

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