Top 5 Things Every Office Kitchen Should Have 1

Nothing is worse than arriving to work on a Monday morning to find out the coffee tin is empty, all the milk is gone, the teaspoons have miraculously  disappeared, and all  you are left with is a suspicious tea bag that is most likely an abandoned fruit tea, that smells like grass cuttings.

An office kitchen is probably one of the most important essentials for any work building, it boosts morale and often becomes a relaxing hub for you and your co-workers. They provide space for discussions, friendships, and support when people need it. And essential break from screen time or phone calls. This is why it’s so important for them to be well stocked and easily accessed.

We’ve put together the top 5 essentials that every office kitchen needs.

Top 5 Things Every Office Kitchen Should Have 2
  1. Tea & Coffee

This one is obvious, but tea and coffee is always at the top of this list. But we aren’t just talking about the jar of coffee that was on offer at your local supermarket that you’ve never drank because it tastes awful.
What hot drinks should be in the office involves everybody, from the interns to board members and everybody in-between.

Investing in teas and coffee that everyone in the office drinks, not only means you get to drink a wonderful brew when you need it, but it boosts the office mood and increases productivity.
You can also build up your community, is there a local coffee or tea shop nearby that sells their own brand? Invest in those higher quality beans and tea bags. Local owners are often experts and can recommend drinks you may not have even though to provide. Ever had a Matcha Chai Latte? They are amazing!

Tip: Still unsure what to buy? Ask the professionals!
Your team.
What do they prefer and pick a few options or have a vote for the most popular. A variety of choices is always better than just one.
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Top 5 Things Every Office Kitchen Should Have 3

2. Plates and Utensils

If making your lunch or even just a cuppa in the office has ever made you feel frustrated, you understand the importance of cutlery and dishware. Most employees will expect readily available kitchen utensils. With these supplies, everyone can enjoy their food together at the communal table or in the lounge, leading to happier collaboration and increased productivity. Make it easy to have lunch in the kitchen, and people will!

Why is it important to encourage eating lunch away from desks. The facts are the longer you stay sat at your desk the quicker your attention and productivity decreases. Proper meal breaks enable people to come back to work feeling refreshed and boost the overall productivity in the office! Having a space that is properly equipped to handle everybody’s lunch break makes that productivity boost in the afternoon much higher and consistent.

Tip: A supply of extra plates, knives and forks is a great idea for when you have visitors or clients come into the office.
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3. Snacks (AKA The most important tip ever)
We have all been there – It’s 3pm and you’re at that moment when your focus starts to dwindle, and you can’t escape the beckoning the corner shop for your favourite bag of crisps. What is your go to snack?

Top 5 Things Every Office Kitchen Should Have 4

For some snacking is essential to help their concentration in the office, but others like to take a snack break to recharge. Either way snacking helps!
Having snacks available in the office means that, not only is hunger kept at bay, but office morale and team building is boosted! Food is fuel for the mind and body. Having snacks readily available help keeps people mind off food and puts the focus back on work.
Whether you have a big tin of biscuits that is always stocked or an array of healthy snacks to pick from. Snacks are a fantastic way to boost office happiness.

Tip: Why not ask around the office what people like to snack on? This way you can make sure you have snacks in that will be used and not just left to go out of date!
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Top 5 Things Every Office Kitchen Should Have 5

4. Kitchen Cleaning supplies

Spills are inevitable, and washing up is essential. Making sure the kitchen is fully stocked with cleaning supplies makes it quick and easy to clear away. Items to keep stocked include disinfecting wipes, bin bags, resealable zip-top bags, and washing up liquid.

Keeping the kitchen clean, keeps it a nice place to go and relax. Nobody likes to have their lunch break while the kitchen bin is overflowing and might start growing legs!
Adding the option of recycling, helps your employees be more environmentally conscious and it contributes to a cleaner frame of mind for the whole office.

Tip: As we all forget sometimes a helpful reminder above the sink stops the dirty dishes piling up and keeps the kitchen clean and a lovely place to relax.
All the essentials for keeping the kitchen and beyond clean can be found here.

5. Coaster, mugs, and water bottles

Also known as, things that can be personalised with your brand. Coasters are a terrific way not only to protect your surfaces but promote your business. Having things branded with your business also creates better brand awareness for clients and other visitors.

Top 5 Things Every Office Kitchen Should Have 6

Going the extra step and personalising gifts is a brilliant way to thank employees, it shows that they are appreciated and respected.

Tip: Everybody loves to have their own mug in the office, why not have personalised mugs for everyone in the office?
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