Business Machines

Business Machines

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Office and Business Machines

Octopus have been supplying business machines for offices in Stockport and Manchester from the day we started back in 2002. We offer a comprehensive range of business machines designed to enhance productivity in your workspace. Our selection includes cutting-edge wireless printers that seamlessly integrate into your office network, high-speed laser printers for efficient document production, and versatile inkjet printers for vibrant and professional prints. Additionally, our dictation equipment and binding machines are essential tools for creating polished presentations and maintaining a streamlined workflow, ensuring your office operates at its highest efficiency.


Laser Printers

Laser printers have come a long way in the last 10 years – well haven’t we all!  They are far faster and most machines are wireless or have a wireless option. Many printers now have other functions built in, scanners and fax machines are a common facility on brother-8085 laser printermodern printers.

Laser printers use advanced technology to produce high-quality prints with precision and speed, making them ideal for businesses and home offices.

With their ability to handle large volumes of printing tasks efficiently, laser printers are a reliable choice for those seeking fast and crisp output for text and graphics.
Octopus supply laser printers from manufacturers such as Brother, HP, Samsung, Canon and Epson. 
Of course, we supply all of the consumables too.

Inkjet Printers

Inkjet printers are also very different from how they were in the last decade.  These days inkjet printers generally incorporate a scanner, copier and sometimes a fax.

Inkjet printers offer versatile and vibrant printing capabilities, making them well-suited for a range of tasks, from detailed photo printing to everyday document production.
These printers use liquid ink to create accurate and colour-rich prints, providing an excellent choice for homes and small offices seeking flexibility in their printing needs.

We supply inkjet printers from all the major manufacturers including Brother, Canon, Epson and HP.

Label Printers

Label printers provide a specialised solution for creating custom labels with precision and ease.
Ideal for businesses, warehouses, or home organisation, these printers produce professional-looking labels for packages, files, and products, streamlining labelling processes efficiently.
Enjoy the convenience of on-demand label printing with the accuracy required for various applications.

Dymo and Brother are the main manufacturers of label printer and Octopus supply the labelling machines as well as the address labels for use in them.

Dymo make the Label Writer and the Label Point range of machines, and there are several models available.
They use thermal labels, so there are no ink cartridges to replace or ribbons to get jammed.  Their models include the Rhino labelling machine that is used by engineers and maintenance professionals out on-site.

Brother label printers include the P-Touch range that print onto plastic labels and the QL range that print paper based labels.

Dictation Equipment

Dictation equipment offers a seamless solution for capturing spoken words and converting them into text, enhancing productivity for professionals like doctors, lawyers, and journalists. With advanced features such as voice recognition and easy integration with digital platforms, these devices streamline the transcription process, making it an essential tool for efficient and accurate documentation. Elevate your workflow with dictation equipment, ensuring a smooth transition from spoken ideas to written records.

Octopus supply Philips and Olympus digital dictation equipment for the busy secretary or PA.

The equipment connects DVT1500 dictation machine and equipmentstraight to your PC and there are no mini cassettes to get tangled or worn out.  Philips digital dictation equipment is available as a kit, however you can buy the individual items separately.

Binding Machines

Binding machines provide a professional touch to your documents, reports, and presentations, allowing you to create polished and organised materials. Ideal for offices and businesses, these machines offer versatility with various binding styles, from spiral to comb bindings. Streamline your document finishing process and present a polished image with the convenience and reliability of a binding machine.

GBC are by far the most popular binding machine brand the Octopus supply. They have an extensive range from a small comb binder that is suitable for binding occasional documents up to larger electric machines that are capable of binding large numbers of documents on a daily basis.
GBC also make wire binding machines that can produce professional looking documents.

Office Machines For Home

Transform your home office into a productivity hub with essential office machines tailored for domestic use. Compact and user-friendly printers, such as inkjet or all-in-one models, seamlessly handle diverse printing needs, from work reports to family photos.
Stay organised with a home-friendly label printer, simplifying tasks like organising files or creating custom labels for household items. For efficient document handling, consider a compact shredder to safeguard sensitive information and a user-friendly binding machine for a professional touch to your home office presentations. These can be ordered online, directly to your address, or if you prefer you can pick up your office machines from our store in Stockport.

Office Machines in Stockport & Manchester

We deliver printers, labelling machines and many other business machines all over the Greater Manchester and Stockport area every day of the week. 
All of our technology comes with free delivery or collection from our store in Stockport. 

And remember if you need help and advice our team have the experience and expertise to help you! Just check out some of our instructional videos on  YouTube or call us on 0161 429 8118 alternatively send us an email at