Keep yourself organised with a wire mesh letter tray for your home office desk Mesh Letter Tray

Mesh Letter Tray

Octopus supply a range of mesh desktop items to help you to stay organised.  These range from pen tidies and desk organisers to the humble letter tray.  The full range of desk accessories are available in black or silver and will make most basic desk look more expensive.  All of the items in the range have rubber feet to help prevent them from marking desks or worktops that they are placed onto. Shop Now

Mesh Letter Tray 3 Tier

The wire mesh 3 tier tray set comes complete with the triagle shape stand and the 3 front loading trays.  It is light weight, but sturdy and each tray has a capacity of approximately 300 sheets of paper.  The 3 tier set of trays coming in either black or silver wire mesh with a metal frame finished in the same colour. Shop Now

Mesh Letter Tray Landscape

Mesh 3 Tier Letter Tray If you prefer your letter tray side loading, this is for you.  It is generally used if the papers that are placed into it are in the landscape format as it can be read.  The tray comes as a single unit, but can be stacked up using it’s own integrated stacking system.  The single side loading tray can easily be stacked 4 high and each tray can accomodate up to 500 sheets of paper individually.  If they are stacked this would be reduced.  available in silver or black finish. Shop Now

Mesh Letter Tray Front Loading

The mesh front loading tray is the same as the side loading tray except the opening is along the short edge as opposed to the long edge.  It can be stacked the same way using the integral spacers and has a capacity to hold up to 500 sheets of standard weight A4 paper.  The from loading tray is also available in silver or black finish wire mesh. Shop Now

Mesh Desk Organiser

To compliment your mesh letter trays and keep your desk neat and tidy, we supply a mesh desk organiser.  It has 5 compatments, plus a small drawer for small items such as an eraser or a pencil sharpener.  There are 4 compartments that are ideal for pens, a ruler and a selection of small envelopes and a tray for post it notes or memo pad block.Desk Organiser Shop Now

Mesh Pen Pot

If you are looking for something minimalist, then the simple mesh pen pot is right up your street.  It is basically a small mesh pen cup that is approx 90mm tall and 80mm in diameter.  It comes in either black mesh or silver mesh and will take up a tiny part of your desk, but will keep all your pens, pencils, marker pens and the odd ruler in their place. Shop Now

Mesh Magazine Rack

Catalogues, brochures, magazines or customer folders when flat on a desk take up a big footprint.  Also the ones at the bottom can get ignored or forgotten about.  The mesh magazine rack will keep all of your A4 books, notepads or files in one place and upright, where you can see them and access them easily. Shop Now

Mesh Waste BinDesk Tidy

The wire mesh waste bin is great for scrap paper and the odd crisp packet, but don’t go chucking your half eaten sandwich or apple core as it could get messy.  The mesh bin is 350mm high and has a capacity of 15 litres, which is an average size for an office waste bin.  It is made of the same material as the mesh letter tray and comes in the same 2 finishes – black or silver. Shop Now

Mesh Desk Tidy

So finally we have the wire mesh desk tidy.  It has 5 wire tubes of differing heights and diameters that will acommodate pens, eraser, sharpener, ruler and various other office items that you need to keep handy.  The tues sit in a circular plate and this like the other wire mesh desk accessories have bubber feet to prevent scratched furniture. Shop Now

If Mesh Is Your Thing….

If you like the look of mesh in your office, perhaps look at a mesh office chair.  We supply a huge range, from basic operator chairs to fully function executive chairs.  See the range here. [elementor-template id=”15918″]

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