Octopus supply a wide range seating, including the mesh office chair for the business or home office.

Mesh Office Chair

Mesh Office Chair

Mesh Operators Chair

The most common mesh chair that we supply is the operators chair.  It has a standard seat pad and separate back support and both can be adjusted independently.  There are several options for mesh operator chairs, those being single lever, twin lever and triple lever.  Basically, the more levers they have, the more adjustments are possible.

Single Lever Operators Chair

An operators chair with a single lever is the most basic that we supply.  This lever on an operators chair is responsible solely for adjusting the height of the seat.  The back can be adjusted to, but this would generally be done using a wheel at the back of the seat.

Twin Lever Operators ChairAltina Mesh Chair

A twin lever operators chair has one lever for the seat height and the second lever is generally to adjust the back support.  It controls how far or near to your spine that the backrest is positioned and once a comfortable distance is acquired, it can be locked in place.  This is the most common type of chair that we supply.

Triple Lever Operators Chair

The triple lever operators chair has the 2 levers for seat and back plus an additional lever for the angle of the seat.  It will allow you to adjust the angle so that your feet can be flat on the floor whilst your eyes can still be at the correct height for your screen.  Once the correct angle is obtained, the seat can be locked in that position.

Mesh Visitors Chair

Visitors chairs with a mesh seat are becoming more common and largely because they are comfortable, but also because they blend in well with other office furniture.  The main feature of a visitors chair it that the base has a frame as opposed to casters with adjustable height.

The frames in the higher spec chairs is usually a cantilever style and will often come in chrome or black.

Mesh Executive Chair

If an executive chair with mesh seat and back is required, there is a great range to choose from.  We supply them with adjustable arms, headrest, lumbar support or all three.

Standard Features on Mesh Executive Chairs

Quite often the mesh executive chairs come with a chrome or polished steel base.  This sets them apart from the standard operator or task chair.  Another feature that most executive chairs have are adjustable arms.  These would normally be padded in some way or at least have soft polyurethane padding on the top facing part.  Finally, the most common feature of an executive chair and this is certainly true of mesh chairs, is the tilting mechanism.  The tilt feature on executive chairs allows the chair to rock backwards so that things can be pondered.  It is scientifically proven that it may or may not help in working out mathematical problems!

Full Mesh Office Chair

The majority of mesh chairs have a fabric seat and a mesh backrest, however there is a range of chairs that has both mesh seat and mesh backrest.

The Curva High Back Mesh Chair


One of the most popular all mesh chairs is the Curva.  It has a full mesh seat and a mesh backrest that has a built in lumbar support.  It will tilt and has a tension control that adjusts the resistance of the tilt.

Mesh Office Chair With Lumbar Support

Most office chairs have some sort of lumbar support and you can often see the lumbar mechanism in mesh chairs.

The Dynamo Mesh Chair


If you are looking for a supportive chair, the /dynamo has a floating lumbar support that is in constant contact with your back when sitting correctly.  The seat can also be adjusted forward and back to make the sitting position perfect for you.Dynamo Mesh Chair

Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair


Dynamo Ergo Mesh Office chair has all of the benefits of the Dynamo including fully adjustable arms, self adjusting lumbar and an adjustable headrest.  This chair also has a weight capacity of 150KG, so suitable for larger people.

High Back Mesh Office Chair


The Aurora is one of the most popular executive chairs that we supply.  It has a high back, standard height arms and a beautiful chrome base.  The tilt mechanism has a tension control to make the chair more stable whilst titling back.

White Mesh Office Chair


The Dynamo range of seating comes with the options of a white or black frame.  This is the most popular white mesh chair that we supply, with its adjustable seat arms and full contact lumbar support.

Mesh Office Accessories

To compliment your mesh office chair, we supply a range of mesh desk accessories such as waste bins, letter trays and desk organisers.  See the full range here.

Are You Sitting Correctly?

The mesh chair with all of its adjustments can help you sit up straight, but having it adjusted correctly is most important.  See the NHS guidlines on how to sit in the right position at your desk.

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